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A faint smell of varnish continues to linger over North Berwick as Primary 6 have  completed and handed in their amazing decoupage objects. The classes have been admiring the creative work of their class mates and across the year stage. Our work is being both self and peer assessed and will be on display for the Victorian Morning. Lots of valuable lessons have been learned and we would like to share some of our ‘hints and tips’ with P5 in preparation for next year.

You need to include: reasons for choosing your theme, where you got your pictures from; any problems you had and how you overcame them, what materials you used and a TOP TIP for someone doing this task. This web comment should be completed by Friday 19th March2010

25 thoughts on “DIY DECOUPAGE!

  1. For my decoupage I did a box covered in family photos. I chose this because my mum found me a website and there were pin boards covered in stuff and boxes with family photos on it so I decided to do that. I have now called it my memory box as it has pics of me and all my family in the past. I really enjoyed doing this because it has been one of the BEST homework tasks yet. To do this art you have to get a wooden box preferably not plastic because it is hard to stick on the stuff you want to stick on. Then you ether get a tea spoonful of glue and water mixed together or just use varnish. Then get a paint brush and paint it on your box! Again and again every day or every two days. Your box will end up looking all shiny and layered.

  2. My theme was eyes, for my decoupage, because I did 3D glasses. I got my pictures from google images. I had a problem though, that was that my 3D glasses are plastic so the pictures kept on falling off. But finally I got a solution, to drench the pictures in the watered down varnish and then slap them on. MY TOP TIP: Try and think of something that no one else will do!

  3. I chose a box covered in hippy camper vans. The reason I chose hippy camper vans was because I think they are so cool and would love to have one when I’m older. I got my pictures off the iternet on google imiges.The problem I had was tryng to get all the layers of varnish to make the box a wee bit stonger but in end the I just thought its not going to get any stronger so I just gave up. I used an oat cake box pictues of camper vans and some pva glue. My top tip: don’t put your decoupage in a plastic bag when you have just finished and the glue is still wet (that’s what I did.)

  4. I chose my touch phone box to decorate with pictures of cupcakes. I think it worked really well. I picked cupcakes as my theme because I like making cupcakes and I like eating them as well! I got my pictures from my birthday wrapping paper and as you already know I got the box from my touch phone. My problem was that the varnish soaked through the paper and made it get a bit smudged. When it dried though it looked okay. Top tip: when you varnish only do three sides at one go Let each side dry before you varnish the last side.

  5. For my decoupage I did a photo frame. I covered It with flowers.My mum said to do a photo frame because she thought it was easy.I did flowers because it was easy.It was hard to put the pictures in the right places.I didn’t have any varnish so I put pva glue on the photo frame.TOP TIP: DON ‘T DROP IT


    For my decoupage I did a bowl of cereal (a bowl covered in things to do with cereal). I chose to do this because I love having a bowl of cereal, I normally have one after school and all ways have one in the Morning. If i get offered a full English breakfast I will say no and have cereal. When doing a decoupage it is good to use varnish many layers. It is a lot of fun making a Decoupage.

  7. I done my dacoupage on a on a picture frame I got the picture frame In my house but I had to take the picture out of It.My theme was lots of dog Icut lots of dogs out of a magazein that my dad had in his room.When I cut every thing out and sticking them down it was all very messy. Top Tip do not rush It and keep it neat.

  8. I did puffins as my decoupage because the sea bird centre has lots of pitures of puffins.The first few weeks was not sure what do to , but when i went town town my mum said why don’t you do puffins as your decoupage so i did! I varished it five times and I sticked the puffins down.I used my mobile phone box ,as i did’t need it any more so it was pefect thing to use it for. When I was finshed I was very pleased with myself as i thought it looked FANTASIC!!

  9. My theme Is Charlie and Lola and I decorated a old wooden box.
    I chose Charlie and Lola because I think the pictures are really cute.
    My materials are pictures from magazine.
    One of the problems were that the varnish made the picture wet.
    Don’t leave it till the last moment.

  10. I really enjoyed it and I did a cup of flowers because
    My brothers did a plate and a bowl so now we have a full set. For a while I didn’t know what to do but then one day about 2 weeks into the project my mum came back from my Gran’s and she gave me a flower catalogue. The next day my friend and me were downstairs and we started my decoupage and we finished it two. Then till I had to bring it in I was varnishing it once a day. My problem was getting myself to start it because I was busy doing other things. TOP TIP: MAKE SURE YOU START QUICKLY BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU WILL END UP NOT BRINGING IT IN ON TIME.

  11. For my Decoupage I chose a pretty cardboard box and covered it with pictures of flowers & a couple of butterflies. I chose flowers & butterflies because my Mum has lots of gardening magazines & the Victorians liked flowers & butterflies. I got my glue from a craft store & my pictures from magazines. I had problems when my paintbrush shed it’s bristles all over my Decoupage!!
    TOP TIP: Do a item that is easy to stick pictures to (it’s hard on glass & metal)

  12. I chose a box and a photo frame. My theme was toys and games for my box and bob the builder for my frame. The photo frames theme was easy because my little brother had an old bob magazine and my box idea was my mum had got a new Tesco catalogue so I cut out the toys and games. Top tip don’t leave it all to the last minute

  13. For my decoupage I did a picture frame covered in road maps. I chose road maps because I went on the internet and I saw one with road maps that looked very good. I did not know what to do for ages,
    then I went searching on the internet and found a good one. My problem was It was quite big so I had to do a lot of varnishing!!!


  14. I chose flowers from magazines for my decoupage.
    I chose flowers because my Mum has lots of magazines with flowers in it, so I cut them up!
    The only problem I had with it was getting it all to stick down!
    My Top Tip is: Try and use something that doesn’t take for ever to cover!
    It was fun to make it!!!

  15. I chose a stool for my decoupage because I was getting it for my mum’s birthday and she chose it.
    We had some spare rapping paper with flowers on it so we used it .it is really hard to get it write so try really hard and don’t mess it up. Don’t spill your glue/varnish all over it.

  16. I enjoyed making it. it was hard making it the hardest part was the vanishing it. it has flowers on it.TOP TIP:dont spill the varnish.

  17. I did animals on a plate dogs,cats,hamsters and more.
    I did it because I had old magazines that I read and they had lots of animals on It.
    One problem I had was I did not have VARNISH!!!

  18. For my decoupage is a money counter covered in sweetie wrappers. I choose it because I was eating a sweet and looking at my money counter and thought it was good to cover. I bought lots of sweets and unwrapped them all and ate them just for homwork. I had a few proplems one of them was a lot of the papers felll off. TOP-TIP: Dont pick something that is big because it will take to long to do.

  19. I chose a clock for my decoupage and I put faces on it.I got the pictures from a sky magazine and a hair comic.I was lying around around for 3 weeks wondering what I should do and then my dad showed me a clock and some magazines and thought that since my dad dosn’t use this any more I should do this.
    TOP TIP:look in lots of magazines!

  20. I chose a plant pot for my decoupage with Doctor Who pictures on it.The reason I chose Doctor Who pictures was because I had loads of Doctor Who comics that had pictures in them and I did not read them as much as I used to. It was hard to do it because you have to stick it in the right place so you don’t have any spaces.
    TOP TIP: stick them in the right place.

  21. I enjoyed doing the decopauge project. I used a box my mum got a christmas present in, i went on the internet and and printed up pictures of bears onto card then cut them out. I then covered the box in pictures and then picked out bits which i used 3d foam pads to build up the decopage. I then gave three coats of varnish.
    TOP TIP: dont spill your varnish every where.

  22. For my decoupage I chose horses. I chose them because I live on a farm with horses, I work with horses and I really like them.
    I cut pictures of horses out from some old magazines I’ve already read and stuck them onto a silver box. When I covered the whole box I told my mum but she said she could see tiny silver bits and I have to cover them all up. I finally covered them all up on the last night before we had to hand in our decoupage. I varnished my object with watered down PVA glue. The next day when it had dryed I put some tissue paper inside and put a toy horse, toy hay and a toy bucket to make it a bit nicer.
    TOP TIP: Cover every last bit with pictures so you cant see the box.

  23. My decoupage
    I picked rabbits for my decoupage, at first I didn’t know what to do. It’s hard to try and find an object it’s not to be too big or too small , I found a great object though. I hope the p5 classes will enjoy doing decoupage.
    TOP TIP : try to do something different !!!!

  24. My decoupage is a box with pictures of New york sky skrapers on it. I have chosen it because my mum had a box that had pictures of skyscrapers on itthen i just cut more out of travel brochures and stuck them on in layers. I enjoyed it alot!!!!

  25. My Decoupage is a plant pot with animals including
    Elephants, Frogs, Hippos, Monkeys and Giraffes. I chose a plant pot because no-one was using it in the house and it looked very pale.
    I was going to do Sweets as my pictures but it did not go down well. After 2 weeks of sitting down and waiting, my mum found some wrapping from when I was a baby. So I cut it up and put it on the plant pot.
    When choosing a theme try to get one that you have a lot of pictures of, don’t choose a theme that you only have a few pictures of.
    Choosing an object is a bit hard, a too big object will take a long time because you might run out of pictures.

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