25 thoughts on “P6 – our favourite memories of this year!

  1. My Highlights of p6 were :
    The world war 2 project as it as it has always been close to my heart.
    The sports day.
    The VE day.

  2. My memories of p6
    I enjoyed when the Rotarians came to give us a talk for our wwII topic and told us very interesting things from their experiences.
    I also enjoyed having Mrs Wilson as a teacher!

  3. My memories of P6 by Callum 
    My best memories were:
    I came 2nd in the 600m and 5th in the long jump. I enjoyed the bus journey too.
    P6 camp
    I enjoyed the camp because we did lots of activities such as the night line and capture the flag and eating sweets in our tents.
    Nursery potted sports
    I enjoyed going down to the nursery to meet our future paired readers and doing sports with them and seeing them enjoying themselves. Let’s hope their looking forward to P1 more now.

  4. My Memories
    The highlight of P6 for me was sports day because it was really exciting and I came 1st in the potato and spoon race and the dressing up race and came 3rd in the relay. Everyone was cheering it was extremely fun. I also enjoyed the swimming gala heats and finals. I was In the relay team, we came 2nd in the heats and came 4th in the finals. I also enjoyed the hockey tournament, my team one all our games.


  5. My memories p6b
    by JAMIE
    1.I moved to this school about a month ago. Everyone has been nice to me ever since .
    2.My funny memory of the campout is that me and Sonny
    woke up facing each other.
    3. Nursery potted sports I was with Daniel he was not scared of any of the obstacles he did all of them.

  6. Memories of p6
    By Fraser M

    My highlights are going to see the passive house, cricket and the campout.

    We went to see a passive house at the start of the year it was really weird not seeing any radiators in the house. We got to look around the house and spot any other eco stuff such as LED lights we also got to see the generator which took hot air and replaced it with cold air.

    I also really enjoyed having lessons on cricket a lady came in to give us 3 lessons we practiced bowling, fielding and bating. I would defiantly do it again!

    The best thing was the campout we spent a night at Yellowcraigs and did activities such as den building and capture the flag. We also told stories around the campfire!

  7. My memories of P6b

    My highlight of P6 was sports day, our camp out at Yellowcraigs and basketball tournaments with Mrs Baxter and Mrs Borthwick.

    Basketball was great fun with all my pals from school.

    Sports day
    Sports day was so much fun I came 1st in a lot of races!
    Campout was so so fun it was definitely one of the highlights of the year me Euan and Chris turned fat after eating in our tents!

    My highlight of P6 was the P6 campout because it was really fun to spend the night in a tent with your friends and the activities were really good. My favourite activities were capture the flag and the night trail but it was fun just to have free time to do what you wanted .The food was good and the muffins were great too . One of my favourite things was the toasting marshmallows; people’s stories were good too . It was really fun and I would definitely go again.

  9. My best bit of p6 was Narnia because it’s a good move and my favourite topic was ww2 because it was the most intriguing to find out how we won the war.
    I made some new friends like chris.
    I enjoyed sports day and paired reading. The teachers were very nice this year.They help when you need help. by sonny

    The best thing in P6 was the campout I liked playing capture the flag and den building, our den was pretty good and could fit most of us in it! The worst bit was the walk even though it was REALLY sunny!
    This year we did paired reading and my paired reader is very good at reading and we also met our p1 paired readers they were really good at the potted sports!
    By Fraser D :)

  11. My P6 memories
    By Abby
    P6 campout
    I really enjoyed campout this year and there is many reasons why and these are some of the reasons.
    I really enjoyed the night line.
    I loved the camp fire and roasting the marsh mallows.
    I loved the dinner and the pudding and the breakfast.
    I loved capture the flag and all of the other games we played.
    I would love to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who helped especially Mrs Wilson and Mrs Wareham. I wish I could do this all again and we can in P7 just not at yellow Craigs. I’m looking forward to P7 and Miss Brody being my teacher but I wish Mrs Wilson was still going to be my teacher and I will miss her a lot because she is a really special teacher to me and also a great teacher.
    P6 rugby festival
    I really enjoyed the rugby festival because it gave me a chance to see my old friends from Gullene School and chat to them. I also enjoyed it when we had to kick the rugby ball over the post and I was the first one to kick the ball over the post out of about 10 people in our group and I was really happy because I have never been able to do that before it always hit on the side of the post.

  12. My Memories of Primary 6B

    One of my favourite parts of P6 was the P6 camp out. I really enjoyed sleeping in a ten with Emma and Eve. We all had so much fun telling each other our stories in the tent before we went to bed. My favourite part of the camp out was the den building. In my group there was Zoe, Keira, Eryn, Eve, Lauren, Annabelle and me. We built a big wigwam sort of den – it was very cool!

    Another one of my favourite things in P6 was our WW2 topic. I really liked this topic because I really like learning about our past and how the past shaped our lives too.

    I also really enjoyed going to Meadow bank

    By Grace 

  13. My highlight of the year was the campout

    Campout was my favourite because you got to learn what it was like camping in the wild, it was really exciting. One of my favourite things was capture the flag because you get to work as a team and it was really fun. I also liked putting up the tents although it was quite hard I now know how to in the future. I learned a lot of skills out at Yellow Craig’s.

  14. My Memories of P6B
    By FINN:{) ҉
    My three favourite things of P6B were the
    The reason I liked these is because they were all fun. Some of them have shown me some of the responsibilities I’ll need a P7 I just hope I’m ready for P7. 

  15. My memories of P6b
    By Eryn

    My highlight in P6 was the campout. My favourite activities were the night line and the den making. It was so much fun. Also playing with my friends was the best part. My next highlight of P6 was paired reading. My paired reader was really funny I made him laugh and he made me laugh. He also can find words on the computer faster than I could when I was his age. The last highlight was the RAK assembly. Everyone who acted in it are probably going to be actors when they grow up. I really enjoyed it. It was great fun and the audience was amazing. That’s my P6b highlights.

  16. My Memories of P6

    Nursery potted sports
    I really enjoyed going down to the nursery and meeting the nursery children. It was nice interacting with them getting to get to know them before they came into P1 and I really hope they are slightly more confident moving into the big school after meeting us.

    Paired reading
    This year I have really enjoyed getting my very first paired reader and can’t wait to get a new one In P7! It’s nice to get to know more of the little children and to help them read and improve their computer skills. We P6s have really enjoyed this experience and hope they have to.

    Ultimate reading challenge
    Over the past few months P6B & P^C took part in the ultimate reading challenge, a challenge to see how many books you could read in the past few months. People read up to 22 books
    By Zoe 

  17. My highlights of the year By Fraser S
    1. P.E was one of my best subjects because we learned a lot of new rules and games. It was fun.
    2. Basketball was one of my favourite subjects because we won all of our games and it was a good team sport. 
    3. The camp out was one of the best things of P6 because we had a lot of banter in the tent with Callum and we shared our stories. 

  18. My memories of P6 by Eve
    I enjoyed the visit to the nursery we had a lot of fun playing potted sports with them. We went to the nursery because we got to meet our paired readers for p7.
    I also enjoyed learning about World War 2 it was interesting how they used to live in the war time. We had a lot of fun learning about the war.
    Paired reading was so fun to get to know the p2’s I had Amy and Ella they were so fun to work with I had a lot of fun with them

  19. My memories of p6
    My top 5 highlights were
    1. Basketball tournament and we won
    2. Camp out because it was fun
    3. P.E because I love sports
    4. Rugby tournament
    5. Sports day/potted sports
    P6 was one of my best years because I made new friends and had more of a sporty year.

    By Euan

  20. My Memories of P6B.
    One of my highlights of P6 was the campout, I especially enjoyed the night line, and the den making all the activities were very fun and I would like to go again.
    My second highlight was the p6 paired reading, we all paired up with a primary 2 and the p6’s would do reading spelling and sometimes play games to help them improve. I really enjoyed being paired up with Cameron, and he is getting really good at reading and spelling now and is a very good listener.
    My last highlight of P6B was doing the nursery potted sports, I was paired up with a little 4 year old called Amber. She was a really nice girl and she is really good at sports. She wouldn’t stop hugging me and I really enjoyed being with her. I hope she is my paired reader for P7.

  21. P6 Memories by Alex

    I really enjoyed the World War two project. I just found it interesting to find out how people live almost 75 years ago. I think it would be really hard living in the way they did, having to ration and only getting a little bit of food to last you like a week. I also really enjoyed the Random Acts of Kindness assembly, I was one of the narrators, I just found it fun preparing for the assembly in the little time we had. Finally I enjoyed the paired reading and Nursery visit, I enjoyed the paired reading because you get to meet a new person or people and its fun reading with them, I also enjoyed the Nursery visit because it nice playing around with the Nursery people and maybe your new paired reader.

  22. My memories of P6 by Keira
    Nursery potted sports
    The nursery potted sports was amazing. I was paired up with Beth and she didn’t want to do the hurdles but with a bit of encouragment she changed her mind. It was very fun and Beth did all of the sports excellently.

    Sports day
    Sports day was so much fun especially the obstacle race. I came first in all of the races except the potato and spoon race. Also I was in the Burns relay team and we came first.

    Hockey tournament
    The hockey tournament was fantastic. It was good because we got to know other people that we would be in high school with.

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