P6 Maths Homework – Week Beginning 31.8.15

times[1]Hello Primary Six,

For maths homework this week the P6 teachers would like you to revise your times tables.

If you find it hard to remember your tables you should be working on improving your recall (knowing the correct answer). If you are quite good at remembering your tables you should be working on improving your speed so that you can remember answers more quickly.

Here are some suggestions of how you could revise at home.

You could:

* Play online maths games (You could try Woodlands Junior or BBC);
* Ask an adult at home to test you with a random selection of times table questions;
* You could time yourself at the beginning of the homework, do an activity, and time yourself again to see if you are any quicker;
* You could practice by singing along to timestable songs; or
* You could come up with your own revision idea.

We would like you to spend 25 minutes revising and spend 5 minutes adding a comment to this post. Your comment should say what you did to revise and how your times tables have improved. Add your first name and class to your comment.


I asked my mum to give me a random tables test of 15 questions and then I went onto the BBC website and spent 15 minutes playing tables games. After that I asked my mum to test me again. I improved because got a higher score in the second test and managed to answer a bit more quickly.
Clare 6A

Your class teacher will be checking the blog to make sure everyone has left a comment by Friday 4th September. If you have a problem adding your comment to the blog please write it on a piece of paper so that you can add it to the blog in school time.

Remember the bigger the effort you put in, the bigger the reward!

Mrs Lima and the P6 teachers.

62 thoughts on “P6 Maths Homework – Week Beginning 31.8.15

  1. On my mums computer I practiced 3,4,6,7,8,9 times tables on grid games. First I got most of them wrong but after a couple of times of doing it I got them all right.

  2. My mum tested me and timed me on my times tables. I answered 20 questions on the 2 times up to the 9 times table. I also played some maths games on my dad’s computer for 20 mins.

  3. I practised my 3 times table by going on to Oswego and doing maths magician and my mum tested me too.

  4. Thank you for telling us about this blog because I’ve done my 7 timetable and the 8 timetable. I’ve been singing songs to help me remember and I’ve done quizzes on my ipad and have had tests from my mom and sister. I’ve tried the games and I’ve been playing the millionaire one.

  5. My mum made me a test of 12 questions and she timed me.
    I played online multiplication games for 15minutes, then i took the test again and i did a little better.

  6. My mum tested me on my times tables whenever we were in the car this week. I’m definitely quicker today than I was on Monday. I also improved my scores on Hit The Button and Math Magician. ?

  7. I played times tables games for 25 minutes on woodlands junior. I came last the first time on the penguin jump but then I improved to second place.

  8. i played some multipacation games on woodlands junior and improved on my times tables on my mums laptop!

  9. My mum asked me my 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and my 10s tables. We both agreed I have improved a lot in speed and accuracy.

  10. I played some awesome multiplication games on multiplication.com. I played a game that timed you and then I played another game and when I went back I got a better time!

  11. first my dad gave me a test on 25 times tables then I practised my 1-10 times tables for 27 mins and 56 secs then he tested me again and I improved by 39secs

  12. My mum set me a test of 12 times table questions.
    The first time I did it in 1 min and 18 sec. I did it 4 times – the fastest time I did was 40 seconds. That means i did each question in just over 3 seconds 😮

  13. I played games on the BBC website and on Woodlands Junior and I got so much faster at times tables!! My Mum and I also looked at a times tables book.

  14. I downloaded a times table app and quizzed myself two times I got nine out of ten on the first one and on the second I got ten out of ten

  15. my mum gave me 10 random questions and i got 8\10 an then played some games and got ten out of ten.

  16. My mum tested me on 20 random times tables questions, I played woodlands junior, and was a bit faster at my times tables.

  17. I played maths games on crickweb.co.uk and mathplayground.com.
    My mum made up a multiply and divide test. I also did some times table tests on Woodlands Junior. I think I got faster and got more sums right.

  18. I played hit the button and maths magician , and practised my all my 6 and 8 times tables which i find the hardest .

  19. I played Grand Prix , Oswego and a times table sheet to practise my 3,4,5,6,7and 8 times table’s I got them all right apart from some in Oswego but then I improved.

  20. I played hit the button to try to get faster at my times tables.I think I improved especially on my 3 times table I got all of the questions right in a short time.?

  21. My mum tested me on the 6 times table,8 times table and 9 times table because they are my weakest tables and I also played maths bingo on the internet.

  22. I looked on woodlands junior maths and did a few tests on the times tables I wasn’t so good at e.g : 7s 6s 8s 4s

  23. I used Sumdog for my homework and I played:crazy haircuts,water skiing and junk pile. I think I improved on my speed because I didn’t come last once!:)

  24. I did times tables on woodlands junior with stop the clock and I did 25 questions in 4.50, 8 in 58, 9 in 1.26, 10 in 1.26, 11 in 1.55, 12 in 1.54, 13 in 1.37, 14 in 1.58, 15 in 2.55

  25. I did 15 maths questions and timed it:
    1st time I got 51.50 seconds
    2nd time I got 42.91 seconds
    I hope I get even faster

  26. my dad made some worksheets and they were from the 1 times table to the 12 times tables and I did it under 3 minutes

  27. I practised the 8 times table while we were having tea and I played tug of war multiplier and grand prix on Woodlands Junior.

  28. On my mums laptop, I played Woodlands Junior Grand Prix multiplication. At first I came last , but after a few races I was winning all the time!!!!!

  29. I have been going over my times tables on the game called pumpkin multiply and a car racing game on my mums laptop.

  30. I spent a bit of time on my grandmother’s laptop playing ‘Spacerace’, ‘Divison derby’, ‘swimming otters’ and other games in maths playground. I improved because I only came last in two races at the start.

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