6A Current Affairs Homework

Please watch, listen to or read a news article this week and write a summary comment about the story and add it to this post. Please check spelling and punctuation over carefully before publishing.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘I listened to BBC Radio Scotland on the way to work on Monday. One of the reports was about councils in Scotland not using opportunities to carry out roadside pollution emission checks on vehicles. A lady from Edinburgh Council explained why these checks weren’t carried out in Edinburgh. She talked about how the council invests the money in buses and trams, cycle paths etc, to encourage people to use more eco friendly transport. She also said that vehicle emissions were checked every year in an MOT (after a vehicle is 3 years old) so roadside checks weren’t necessary.
The reporter commented that other coucils like Glasgow
City carried out a few thousand checks and so they must feel these checks were very important.
There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not the Scottish Government should insist these roadside checks are carried out to reduce pollution.’

Mrs Lima 6A

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  1. I listened to the BBC one news about some scientists that have discovered a new type of bird called the Himalayan Forest Thrush. The discovery began with some careful listening on a field trip, back in 1999. The mountain-dwelling variety has been re-christened to the name of the “Alpine Thrush”.

  2. A three year old whippet (type of dog) North was in his garden St Ninians,Stirling when he was bitten by a fully grown adder on the 22nd of December.

  3. A man in Brazil got into trouble for leaving his wife at a petrol station while he drove on for 60 miles.

    After filling up his tank he went to the toilet, while his wife went to buy some cookies. When she returned to the car, he and his 14 year old son had left. She was stranded at the petrol station. After 2 hours he finally returned. She was so angry that she kicked the car!

  4. I read in The National on Thursday January 14th that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was forbidden by Lego to buy their bricks in bulk to make an art installation. Lego’s decision sparked a social media storm. Lego claimed that their bricks were to “Inspire children through creative play and not support or endorse specific agendas of individuals or organisations.” But Lego have been forced to back down because of the pressure from social media. (Ai was able to create his installation using donations from the general public.)

  5. I was reading how scientists are planning to drill into the earths crust to find out how the earth was formed and to find what can survive down there. they are drilling 5000 metres beneath the ocean floor They are doing it in the indian ocean as the earth’s crust is thinner there.

  6. The actor Alan Rickman who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films died on Thursday January 14th 2016, aged 69.

  7. Moscow’s amazing snow clearing machines.

    Moscow gets very heavy snow so they have designed a machine which has arms that scoop up the snow and puts it up a conveyer belt. It goes into the back of dumper truck which takes it away and dumps it into a grinder, finally ending up as water in the river.

  8. I am amazed that a university in Brazil discoverd the Brazilian torrent frogs can communicate by squealing and arm waving

  9. I read an article on the newsround website about 1000 grey seals being born in Norfolk on Horsey beach . Last year only 800 seals were born . The reason more seals were born is because they have got used to being around people . They used to only breed on islands or sandbanks where there were no people so it is a great improvement.

  10. Alan Rickman the actor of professor snape in Harry Potter has sadly died.
    He died surrounded by friends and family.actor of Fred Weasly said “shocked and sad”to hear news.he wrote”one of the nicest actors.

  11. Alan Rickman died of cancer. He was a famous actor. He played Professor Snape in Harry Potter. He was born in 1946 and died in 2016 age 69 he did not make it to his birthday.

  12. I went on the newsround website and saw an article about the new virtual reality gaming systems Sony , oculus , HTC . It is a thing that if you put it on it seems like a totally different world where there is any thing that you can’t imagine like underwater or in space . They were shown by the US gaming convention where it will be released this year!

  13. Actor Alan rickman died at about 15:29 on the 14th of January 2016. Alan featured in films like harry potter and die hard

    He died at the ag of 69 years old

  14. I found out that David Bowie the singer/songwriter died on Monday the 11/1/16 after a 18 month battle with cancer.

  15. I read at home on BBC news that David Bowie, died aged just 69, because of an
    18-month battle with cancer. People on his social media accounts are saying he died peacefully surrounded by his family. Tributes are coming in from all around the world to recognise his fantastic music career!!!

  16. 10 American sailors were detained on Tuesday when one of their two vessels broke down while training in the Gulf. They were coming from Kuwait to Bahrain and said they made a mistake because of the navigation system.
    It is very sensitive at the moment between the Americans and Iranians because they think a deal on Iran’s nuclear activities is just days away.
    Iranian state media said the sailors were released into international waters after they apologised to Iran.

  17. David Bowie the 80s rock legend died age69 from cancer the world is mourning is sad lost?


    Archaeologists have discovered a bronze age farm called Must Farm in Cambridgeshire. A fire broke out and destroyed the posts holding the houses up

    The houses where round and built on stilts because it was on a river. the contents where preserved in silt.

    pots with meals where still inside the houses!!

  19. In Germany they had an annual competition to see who can throw their christmas tree the furthest. The winner threw his christmas tree 25 METRES!

  20. New crocodile fossils

    Fossils from the biggest ocean – living crocodile have been found by scientists in the Tunisian dessert.

    Italian scientists found a skull and some smaller bones.
    It’s believed that it would have been about 10 meters long, weighing 3 tonnes, making it the biggest crocodile ever to live in the ocean.

    They have named the new discovery Machimosaurus Rex .


    Just a few weeks ago, New York was enjoying its warmest Christmas on record but are facing layers of ice and snow.

  22. singer David Bowie one of the most influential musicians of his time, has died on Monday the 11 of January from cancer. He was 69 years old .He died after a 18 month battle of cancer.

  23. Worlds biggest Python ???????

    A Burmese python measuring more than 17ft (5m) – and carrying a record-breaking 87 eggs – is the largest ever to be found in the state of Florida, researchers say.

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