The POWER of Learning 1


On Friday the 8th of January 2016 Mrs Kelleghar, P6B and Mrs Swinburne led an assembly about the 8 Learning Powers and Growth Mindset. They were urging us to think positive about our work and effort and encouraging us not to give up when something is challenging.

Here are the 8 Learning Powers:

*Be Co-Operative
*Be Curious
*Don’t Give Up
*Enjoy Learning
*Keep Improving
*Use Your Imagination
*Have a Go

We have been focusing on concentration and how to manage distractions this week. Here are some tips on how to CONCENTRATE successfully.

*Break things down
*Do one thing at a time
*Get lost in the task
*Manage distractions
*Plan and think it through
*Draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things which help you think

Have you got any tips on how to concentrate? What works for you? Please leave a comment to let us know.
Lilia, Oliver and Sadie 6A

27 thoughts on “The POWER of Learning 1

  1. I’m not good at consantrating my self but that gives me even more reason to give advise, I find it easer to conpleatly BLACK OUT!

    for aphew minutes and listen to nothing and nobody and then SNAP back into the world agen and get on with it ,

    you see when you black out you try do the sum or what ever you are trying to work out and when you snap in agen it’s much easer !!

    That’s what I find easy

    Good luck

  2. If I am doing a task and people are making a noise I can,t concentrate on the task but if people are quiet I can concentrate much better on the task. If its still noisy I go somewhere quiet.

  3. When I want to concentrate I find somewhere quiet with no distractions and try to enjoy the thing I’m doing.

  4. I find that being in a quiet room and enjoying the task and blocking out any noise if there is any helps me to concentrate better.

  5. what helps me concentrate is a nice quiet class that does not talk or shout out when someone is supposed to be talking

  6. To concentrate I
    *Get lost in the task – so immersed that I cannot hear anyone speaking to me so they have to shout (only if I enjoy the task)
    *Manage distractions

    NB These work best if the task I am completing is something I enjoy.

  7. To concentrate before I do the task I think of something nice to do after so I can look forward to it. I trick myself into liking it (even if it is something awful) that helps me to do it.

  8. What helps me concentrate is moving anything I am going to fiddle with away and keeping your mind in the task.

  9. To help me concentrate I try to avoid having things that try to make me do it, for instance chatting, and try to get on with the task sometimes that is hard but I usually manage to get on with the task that I have been given.

  10. To help me concentrate I stay on task and block out the things that are going to distract me .I don’t talk to anyone and keep my eyes on my work

  11. To help me concentrate I do not talk to anyone. I block out my surroundings and focus just on my work and nothing else. I also put anything I will play or mess about with away.

  12. I go to my room and sit at my desk where it is comfy.
    I switch of all electronics so I don’t get distracted.
    I tell my family that I am doing my homework so they won’t disturb me, therefore it allows me to stay on task.

  13. To help me concentrate I try to blot out any other sounds and get on with what I am supposed to be doing .

  14. To help me concentrate i go into another room and focus on my breath to block out all the sound .witch helps me concentrate and focus on what i am doing so i can do it the best!!!

  15. To help me concentrate, I go into a room and shut the door . This blocks out any distractions so I concentrate and work to my best ability.

  16. When I do my homework I go into a room that is quite so I don’t get distracted and I can concentrate .

  17. When I do my homework I get earplugs and put them in my ears so I cant here anything then I focus on my work and get it done.

  18. To concentrate on my work I:
    1. Ignore any talking directed to me
    2. Put things away that distract me
    3. Try to enjoy the task
    Also if I do get disrupted I jot things down so I can get back to the question easily.

  19. I think if you switch the TV, radio or whatever else is distracting you off you should be able to concentrate harder.
    You don’t need to start at the first thing on the sheet of work you are doing.
    You can start at the easy things first to get your brain in gear and then move onto the hard things.

  20. To help me concentrate i think of my favourite things to do and block out my distraction!

  21. To help me concentrate I don’t speak to anyone, I try to shut out any noise and I work the answer out in my head.
    Sometimes I have to ask my brother to go out the room when I am doing my homework.

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