P6A Current Affairs Homework – Week Beginning 18.1.16

Please watch, listen to or read a news article this week and write a summary comment about the story and add it to this post. Please check spelling and punctuation over carefully before publishing.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘I read an article on the BBC News website on Monday about suspected match fixing in tennis. The article said that 16, out of the top 50 players in the the world, were suspected to have lost matches deliberately. There are growing concerns that this problem was flagged up in the past but was ignored and has now become worse. There are reports that some of the players are even Grand Slam winners. This has put a shadow over the sport at the start of the Australian Open. ‘
Mrs Lima 6A

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  1. i was reading about what happens to dead whales in the uk. they would die because of there weight without the water supporting them the lungs would get crushed

  2. I went on my iPad and found out that Donald Trump was trying to become president of the USA when Obraco Bama retires. People in America are deciding whether Donald Trump should become president or not. A few weeks ago he said racist comments about migrants and Muslims and wants to ban them from the country. The U.K. Parliament are deciding whether or not to let him in to the country. There are bad things and good things about that. The reasons to let him in are: he actually hasn’t done anything wrong but only said inappropriate things; it would be disrespectful to the Americans voting for him; and in our country we are allowed freedom of speech so he should be able to speak. The reasons to not let him in are: it avoids encouraging other Muslims to join ISIS because of what he said; it shows disapproval of his views; it reduces the risk of inciting racial hatred. I think Donald trump should be banned from coming to the UK – words can be as hurtful as actions, he’d only have been voted to be in charge of America, you don’t have freedom to say nasty things about each other.

  3. They stalked the earth around a hundred million years ago and scientists are constantly looking for new dinosaur fossils.
    It’s thought Sir David Attenborough has uncovered the world’s biggest dinosaur for his latest documentary.
    He told Newsround he believes there’s a very small chance the prehistoric beasts could be brought back from extinction.

  4. A Russian spy was killed in London in 2006.A report today suggests that the Russian President Vladimir Putin personally approved his murder. He was killed by a really poisonous particle in his tea that the police were able to trace back to Russia.

  5. Great Britain’s victory in the Davis cup was the first in 79 years’ a triumph for British sport and capture the public’s imagination. What is it about playing a team that seems to bring out the best of you as a player?

  6. Scientists have confirmed that bones discovered in Wales in 2014 are from a new species of dinosaur, which at 201 million years old, could be the oldest known Jurassic dinosaur from the UK.

  7. I read an article on bbc about hyperloop that’s meant to reach 700 miles an hour !
    The process of testing will start in two weeks

  8. there is a possibility that there is a ninth planet in the solar system.
    For now the planet is called “planet nine” because it is the ninth planets in our solar system. Scientists think planet nine could be 10 times bigger then planet earth. We used to think Neptune was the furthest planet from earth but there is a possibility planet nine is 20 times further away than Neptune. The chance of the planet not existing is one in fifteen thousand. People used to think that Pluto was the ninth planet but ten years ago it was called a dwarf planet.

  9. A huge comlaint has been made because in the last five years no black actors have been nominated. This year a black comedian called Chris Rock will host

  10. Edinburgh’s newest railway station is on schedule to open by the end of the year, network rail has said.

    The “Edinburgh gateway” has been designed to allow rain passengers traveling from the north to reach the city’s airport more easily.

    An interchange will allow them to complete their journey to the terminal building by tram.

    The £41m station is being built next to the gogar roundabout on the A8 and will have a link to the gyle centre.

    The station is part of the Edinburgh-Glasgow improvement program which will see the electrification of railway lines in central Scotland.

    Engineers have been working at the site for 12 months. The new station will serve passengers from Fife and the north who want to go onto the airport or use the tram network.

    It’s hoped that the station will be a catalyst for future economic investment and activity.

  11. There was a terrorist attack in Pakistan on a university campus . 19 people were killed and the wounded were rushed to hospital.

  12. Rovers risk.

    The president of the veterinary Association has warned dog owners that if they play fetch with their dogs they could be causing them “horrific injury”. Vets are concerned that this simple game could cause from splinters on the tounge to the piercing of vital organs.The latest warning came after a border collie called Maya had to get emergency surgery to remove a four inch long stick that had punctured her tounge and displaced her voice box.

  13. Pakistan attack at Bacha Khan University.

    It’s suspected that four gunmen attacked a university in north
    west Pakistan in which 19 people were killed and 17 injured. One Pakistani Taliban commander said the group had carried out the assault, but its main spokesman denied this.

  14. Using techniques normally used by biologists, the researchers investigated common links between stories from around the world.
    The study found that stories like Beauty and the Beast and Rumpelstiltskin can be traced back around 4,000 years, with one tale originating from the Bronze Age (around 6,000 years ago).
    Until now it was thought they they only dated back around 500 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I watched bbc news and found out that security forces ended a gun and bomb attack on a university in northwest Pakistan were 19 people were killed and 17 injured. The attackers struck around 9:30 local time apparently climbing over the back wall in the cover of the winter fog . The group also killed 130 students at a school in Peshawar 30 miles from charsad in 2014.

  16. World number five Rafael Nadal was beaten by world number one hundred and nine Fernando Verdasco in a exiting five set match 7-6,4-6,3-6,7-6,6-2.Fernando was the definite underdog.Nadal says he “wasn’t aggressive enough with his forehand during the match.I didn’t feel it.I tried.I fought.I was ready to win but I didn’t.So I’m sad for that.”

  17. I read on the newsround website that when a person goes missing it is not just police that searches for them . There is a team of rescue dogs that go looking for them . These dogs have been trained to sniff out people in trouble .

  18. I watched on the bbc that a number of stars have spoken out against the oscars for its lack of diversity, no black or minority actors have been nominated This year

  19. DRONE LANDS ON MOVING CAR GERMANY. Researchers in have taught a drone to land itself on a moving auto mobile.The researchers from the DLR have demonstrated there drone safely landing on a car with a fitted net on it going 47mph.They suggest the tech could be adapted to let unmanned aircraft be built without wheels to let them stay airborne for much longer!!!

  20. They are planting a wall of trees across Arica nine miles deep over 4 thousand miles long to try and stop the Sahara desert from advancing any fither south .

  21. I read on the BBC, that millions of Twitter users went offline and were greeted by an error page. A spokesman said that Twitter knew about the problem and they are dealing with the it right now . Some users are using Facebook to complain.


    In America there was a really unusual passenger onboard a plane flight.
    The owner of a turkey brought his birdy on a flight with him. People think it may have been an Emotional Support Animal. Though turkeys can’t fly, this one seemed fine in the air. A Twitter user who shared the picture was surprised by what she saw and her post has since gone viral across the world.

  23. I read in the ‘I’ that for the first time ever, a flower has bloomed in space. The astronaut Scott Kelly announced the historic news that a zinnia flower had bloomed on the ISS. Other plants like wheat and lettuce have been grown in space before but never have flowered.

  24. A boy accused of blasphemy who cut off his hand with a grass cutter his hand as sliced off in a single stroke

  25. Smartphone batteries need a type of metal called cobalt and one of the only places you can find it is in the Democratic Republic Congo. Because the country is quite poor kids are being made to work for their families and there are not enough government checks.The work is very dangerous.

  26. After a Pakistani boy cut of his own hand following a public accusations of blasphemy, BBC Urdu’s Iram Abbas travelled to his village in Punjab province to find out what happened. He says “Why should l feel any pain or trouble in cutting of my hand that was raised against the Holy prophet?” Those are the words of a 15 year old boy. Many believe fellow villagers started shaming the boy after the local cleric had made the accusations of blasphemy and that is why he felt the need to prove his love for the prophet Muhammad.

  27. I read that two men where killed in glen coe,they died from falling several hundred feet after a avalanche had hit them fast.

  28. A Christmas tree can not be taken down because a pregnant dove is nesting in it.

    the tree was due to come down at the start of January but the law says that all wild birds and animals are protected.

    the tree will be taken down in around a month when the chicks can fly!

  29. I watched News Round and I found out that police are now using dogs to sniff out people if they are lost. The dogs are just normal dogs but they have been trained to use their noses and instincts to find people. Some of the dogs are trained in Sussex.

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