Scots Vocabulary Homework P6A Week Beginning 25.1.16


This week I would like you to learn and use some Scots language. I have inserted a link to a website which will take you to some vocabulary lists for different Scots dialects. Choose a list to help you with your task. You might find it helpful to print a copy off.

Scots word lists link

I would like you to use the Scots words and add a comment to this post writing a minimum of 5 sentences in Scots.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘Yin day it was chuckin it doon and mi claes were drookit. It was dreich! I was crabbit. I was stannin ootside mi freen’s hame. I was scunnered.
I used the Borders Scots Words to help me write my sentences.’
Mrs Lima 6A

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  1. 1. I was born in auld reekie .
    2. Next year I’m going to academy .
    3. I write in a jotter .
    4. I like pancake to eat .
    5. I was wabbit .
    I was using a book instead .

  2. 1.Fit fit fits fit fit?
    2. It’s fair dinging it doon.
    3.Mony a mickle maks a muckle.
    4.Is at a mannie or a wifie?
    5.Yi hiv an unca big heid on yi.

  3. I was getting belted. I was trying no to greet. Meh dowp was affy sair. The reason I got belted was because I was pussin aboot. I was faird of being belted again.
    From: A hunner key Dundonian words.

  4. 1. Yin day I saw a muckle yowe rollin in the glaur
    2. I like tae kick a baw ov’r the house which makes ma maw gae mad at me cos I am clatty
    3. A hunner haverin lassies came by and yin of them trips me up so I said “Ach away”
    4. Doon in the auld byre there are fower wee kye eating tatties
    5. I am scunnered the dae because ma freen skelped ma sare heid wi yon cloot

    I used Western Central Scots language

  5. Mah faither’s fae Dundee, an he says ‘Ahm takin us tae the footie the morn!’
    Afore the gemme he wis a wee bit peelie-wally.
    Eh said ‘are you alright Da? You look like yer aboot tae greet!’
    Da replied ‘Ah ken Finn. Big gemme. Ah’ll be bealin if United lose…’
    Eh said ‘Dinnae be a feartie Da, we’ll win, nae doots!’

  6. On Tuesday, I felt peelie-wally. I was greetin till ma eyes were reid. Ma mum asked “bairn fit like?”. I said “ma heid is sare”. Ma mum said “don’t worry you will feel better the morn”.

    I used the north east scot words.

  7. Ma brother wanted a courie. But I said I cannae because I hiv tae gaun tae toon.So ma brother greet and grimed. So I said if ye want a courie, get one of the clap. But ma brother didn’t want a courie off the clap. So I said leave me alone I hiv tae gaun tae toon.

  8. I was gawn tae the clap shop ti courie a wee dog that was ayewis there. Then I saw a crabbit,muckle dog inby. But insteido bide with the dog I to courie the wee dog agin. When I left I saw a clatty auld cat that had the guff of a ferm.

  9. They ca’ me Emily, ah bide in north Berwick ‘n’ a’m ten year auld.
    Oan mah birthday a’m aff tae be 11 ‘n’ hoping tae git a camera.
    In th’ future a’m aff tae git a puppy ‘n’ ah ant tae ca’ it snowball.
    A’ve git a best mukker ‘n’ she is cried chloe cobme we hae sae muckle fin th’mak’s me roar.
    A’m a braw dancer ‘n’ ah lisen tae poap reels ‘n’ strathspeys lik’ taylor swift ,meighen tranior ‘n’ katy perry.

  10. I was oot with me friends we were playing ba. We started to bigg a mini hoose then it fell doon. Me ma told me i hade to be hame afore mirken. I was walking hame and i looked up and saw the mirrie dancers. When i got to me hoose i told me ma.

  11. 1.I cannae clap the doggie.
    2.Ma grannies felt me ta come Ben the hoose.
    3.Haud year wheesht.
    4.Noo jist haud on.
    5.Ah Dianne Ken.
    Those are my five words.?

  12. 1 Hiv you fleg the clap dog.
    2 Canna you bire two times.
    3 Afore gaan out put on a coat.
    4 Can you mine on to bide in school for longer.
    5 I like tae tak a pen tae footter with.

  13. Ah bide in north berwick wi’ mah brother maw ‘n’ da oan th’ heich street.I lik’ tae speil fitba even whin tis blashie ‘n’ cold.I an’ a’ lik’ tae speil a guid gam o’ basketball.I loue a guid beat, tune ‘n’ pulse.I loue reading a stoatin book wi’ a guid story.My faviorate fairn is spaghetti ‘n’ mah dads chicken roast.

  14. A bide in a toon cawed North Berwick, in a hoose wi ma maw an paw. A hae twa muckle cats cawed Ginger an Nutmeg. A got a wee bit feart wan day whan thay brang a wee deid moose intae the hoose! Thay dinae like it whan it’s dreich and cauld oot. Thay gae fair daft whan thay’re in the hoose, gettin up tae nae guid!

  15. Owurby ower the hill I went ower me wulkies a hunder time. I was driech and drookit. Me mam fed me glaur and coo pat fer denner. I had to eat so many dauds.YUK!!!

  16. A’m guy excited fur we ur getting gey claise tae th’ end o’ term fair! Ah cannae wait ’til ah kin have a few late mornings ‘n’ a few earlie mornings! A’m aff tae hae sae muckle fin wi’ mukkers ‘n’ fowk! Ah dinnae pure mynd whit th’ waither is lik’ in th’ fair bit it wid be crackin’ if we hud a wee bit of snow! It’ll be annoying whin we hae tae gang back to schuil bit we wull git used tae it!

  17. the auld wifie was crabbit because the wean was gullus. she made him ferm onehundur tatties in the rain.then she made him howk up onehudur carrots.then he had to big a shed. at the end he had nae supper.

  18. The auld wifie was crabbit because the wean was gullus. She made him ferm onehundur tatties in the rain.Then she made him howk up onehundur carrots.Then he had to big a shed.At the end he had naw supper.

  19. I daunder up tae school ilka morn at 8 o’clock.
    Loons are better than Quins at fitball.
    Ma mither and faither are both very clever.
    I bide in bonnie Scotland.
    I have tae haud ma wheest when the gowf.

  20. I was walking tae skale an it was chucking it doon. Ah pulled up mah huid tae block ay th rain. Mah legs waur freezing an driech as ah walked up tae th traffic lights. I trudged up th brae tae th skale.I walked into th skale perimiters an chucked doon mah poke.

  21. Rainbows make me feel grit; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet they keep me braw when I am doon. Sumtime they make me dizzy when I birl. I ken friends that could feel the same way. If they coud I would invite them roond they we would have fun and play aroond. After that we would go to mi garden where I waud show the rainbow that I hide under mi tree, I keep it with mi unicorn and mi goblin too.

    If you wunt you can have one too.

    I used the website Dictionary of Scots Language.

  22. A went tae ma friens hoose.
    I hae twe dugs called Millie and Bailey.
    I went doon tae the park.
    I hae a tree hoose in ma back gerdin.
    I live in a wee hoose just doon the road fi the scull.

  23. (I posted the comment before I finished)…I were sent tae my bed early that nicht.After my breakfast the next morn I were given another lecture aboot it as it were pourin it doon again.Just before I left my mother shuved my jeekit our my airms.

  24. Ah wis walkin doon fre school yin day with ma friens and it was chucking it doon,the sky was a mingin colour.MA mam was no pleased when I came haim and I wasny wearing a jeekit!.

  25. Ma granny bides fae Linlithgow. There is a wee loch and an auld castle. The wind blaws ower the loch and it’s gey cold. Ma granny’s gid at couries and she maks a gid cup of tea.
    The morra I’m going tae my granny’s hoose fir my dinner.

  26. ‘Yin day it was chuckin it doon and mi claes were drookit. It was dreich! I was crabbit. I was stannin ootside mi freen’s hame. I was scunnered.

  27. Comin hame frea school it was chuckin in doon and gey windy. I tummel ma wilkies in the glaur. I daunnered hame, drookit , clatty and crabbit. Ma auld pa was gey mad. I started to greet.
    I used the scots border words.

  28. Ma dad gave me a real skelpin when I got home drookit wi no raincoat. I had been playin wi me pals in the auld coup – I was clarty! Ma crabbit auld dad sent me tae go tae ma room. I was scunnert wi him. I had a wee tantrum (Or not so wee) An so he told me never tae go tae the coup again. What did I dae when I got out? Straight tae the coup!

  29. Today it was blawing a gale it made me tummel over . It was really clatty I was with my auld grandpa and he kept tummeling over . I gave my clap a courie and saffened her fur . My clap was howking arooned in her bedding . Eftir I played with my clap I went ower to my granny and played cards . I used the borders Scots words to help me write my sentences .

  30. “I saw the mirrie dancers at mirknen. They were boannie but unkan at the same time. When I got back tae the hoose I was wabbit. The dug was a sleepin. Me wifie was reading. She said she had a yarn with her friends. I went tae bed.”
    I used shetlandic words to help me.

  31. The-day is seturday. it is a sunny day. th’ kimmers waur tweetin’ an’ th’ sin was shinin’. Ah loch sunny days. sunny days mak me smile!

    i used some scottish translators to help me with this task

  32. Sorry 6A! Yesterday I managed to post this on to the main school website instead of the P6 Blog that is why some of you couldn’t find the task last night. I’ve fixed the problem now. I look forward to reading your sentences. Mrs Lima

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