Healthy Snacks At Law – P6A


Recently Law Primary have been instigating a healthy snack 4 days a week [Monday to Thursday] and a treat on Friday.

We want to encourage more people to eat healthy foods at break time as not everyone is managing this at the moment.

Please leave a comment of examples or suggestions of healthy snacks that you enjoy. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks At Law – P6A

  1. Usually at home over the weekend i make snacks for school and this week we made some flapjack and added seeds I’ve also made seedy biscuits they are healthy and they taste nice.

  2. I like to have raisins or dried fruit but that is bad for your teeth so I would recommend fresh fruit or salad. You could make smoothies or yogurt.

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