Scottish Opera – Fever! Homework Task Week Beginning Tuesday 24.5.16


Primary 6 had a brilliant workshop today working with a representative from Scottish Opera. We have now been introduced to all the songs we need to learn for our performance in a few weeks.

Your homework this week is to learn the words to your class song. Below is a link to the Scottish Opera website if you would like to sing along to learn the words.


Please remember to bring your song words back and forward from home to school each day. We will be testing you out on your words in Friday’s rehearsal so make sure you spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night working on your class song.

This is a fantastic opportunity – enjoy it!

Mrs Lima

Meadowmill Sports Training and Rugby Tasters

Recently we hare been training for Meadowmill athletics competition in the last term. We will be trying to enter the fastest people in long and short distance running and field events including long jump, high jump and cricket ball throw. The 1 k a day has been helping us with our stamina.

Also we have been ” trying” the rugby tasters which build up to a Rugby Festival with all the cluster schools.

Please leave a comment telling us what your favourite sprint start is and why and what you have learnt in the rugby tasters.

By Oliver and Miro 6A



Shake Up Your Wake Up!


On Wednesday 27th of January 2016 we tried out a healthy breakfast in class including raisins, sunflower seeds, honey, natural Greek yoghurt and banana slices. Most of us enjoyed the ‘breakfasts’ we had been given. We had a discussion about what we usually have for breakfast and have been given a homework task to investigate hidden sugars in savoury foods and drinks. This has helped us think about how much sugar is in our everyday diet.

Please leave a comment to tell us what your most surprising result from the homework was.

By Lilia and Sadie P6A

Healthy Snacks At Law – P6A


Recently Law Primary have been instigating a healthy snack 4 days a week [Monday to Thursday] and a treat on Friday.

We want to encourage more people to eat healthy foods at break time as not everyone is managing this at the moment.

Please leave a comment of examples or suggestions of healthy snacks that you enjoy. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL!


Scots Vocabulary Homework P6A Week Beginning 25.1.16


This week I would like you to learn and use some Scots language. I have inserted a link to a website which will take you to some vocabulary lists for different Scots dialects. Choose a list to help you with your task. You might find it helpful to print a copy off.

Scots word lists link

I would like you to use the Scots words and add a comment to this post writing a minimum of 5 sentences in Scots.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘Yin day it was chuckin it doon and mi claes were drookit. It was dreich! I was crabbit. I was stannin ootside mi freen’s hame. I was scunnered.
I used the Borders Scots Words to help me write my sentences.’
Mrs Lima 6A

P6A Current Affairs Homework – Week Beginning 18.1.16

Please watch, listen to or read a news article this week and write a summary comment about the story and add it to this post. Please check spelling and punctuation over carefully before publishing.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘I read an article on the BBC News website on Monday about suspected match fixing in tennis. The article said that 16, out of the top 50 players in the the world, were suspected to have lost matches deliberately. There are growing concerns that this problem was flagged up in the past but was ignored and has now become worse. There are reports that some of the players are even Grand Slam winners. This has put a shadow over the sport at the start of the Australian Open. ‘
Mrs Lima 6A

The POWER of Learning 1


On Friday the 8th of January 2016 Mrs Kelleghar, P6B and Mrs Swinburne led an assembly about the 8 Learning Powers and Growth Mindset. They were urging us to think positive about our work and effort and encouraging us not to give up when something is challenging.

Here are the 8 Learning Powers:

*Be Co-Operative
*Be Curious
*Don’t Give Up
*Enjoy Learning
*Keep Improving
*Use Your Imagination
*Have a Go

We have been focusing on concentration and how to manage distractions this week. Here are some tips on how to CONCENTRATE successfully.

*Break things down
*Do one thing at a time
*Get lost in the task
*Manage distractions
*Plan and think it through
*Draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things which help you think

Have you got any tips on how to concentrate? What works for you? Please leave a comment to let us know.
Lilia, Oliver and Sadie 6A

6A Current Affairs Homework

Please watch, listen to or read a news article this week and write a summary comment about the story and add it to this post. Please check spelling and punctuation over carefully before publishing.

Here’s an example to help you:

‘I listened to BBC Radio Scotland on the way to work on Monday. One of the reports was about councils in Scotland not using opportunities to carry out roadside pollution emission checks on vehicles. A lady from Edinburgh Council explained why these checks weren’t carried out in Edinburgh. She talked about how the council invests the money in buses and trams, cycle paths etc, to encourage people to use more eco friendly transport. She also said that vehicle emissions were checked every year in an MOT (after a vehicle is 3 years old) so roadside checks weren’t necessary.
The reporter commented that other coucils like Glasgow
City carried out a few thousand checks and so they must feel these checks were very important.
There is an ongoing discussion about whether or not the Scottish Government should insist these roadside checks are carried out to reduce pollution.’

Mrs Lima 6A

P6 Road Safety Poster Competition H.W.


For homework this week you have been asked to design a BE SAFE – BE SEEN poster.

You have been given a flyer about this but here is a reminder of the success criteria in case you’ve lost the information!

* A4 or A3 size
* Use pencils, pens, paint or collage
* Must include the words BE SAFE BE SEEN
* Bright, colourful and eye catching
* Your best effort

There is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize in the P5-P7 category.

Remember everyone has to do this activity for homework and hand in their poster to their class teacher on Friday 8.1.15.

P6 Maths Homework (Sets 2-4) Week Beginning 6.1.16

This week you are to spend 25 minutes playing online maths games, working on the areas of maths you find tricky. You should spend the remaining 5 minutes adding a comment to this post, naming the games you played and the skills you practised.

I played the legend of Dic and Dom to practise equivalent fractions and Bamzooki Operations to practise my mental maths skills.
Mrs Lima 6A

Everyone will read this post in class, so remember if you are having problems with your internet please practice times tables, play a maths game or do another maths activity of your choice and write your comment down and bring it into school.

Here are some links to maths games websites. Copy and paste the link you would like to use into your browser:

P6 Teachers and Miss Duncan