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  1. I like the maths zone because its fun and a very good way to learn maths. My faviourite game is thepumpkin gamebecause its a good game to learn your times table and its quite a hard game if you pick a hard times table.I think maths is great and its a great subject at school. I want to thank all the teachers that tought me my maths and I hope they will teach other children who like maths as much as me.

  2. Well I like doing maths and in the 3 maths set we have a table tester
    and we say are table and i dot want to be inbarest so i go on law 24 game zone and go on the games and it has help me on my 6 times and 7 times and 8 tims and nine i really like it and also if you go on the games on law 24 you end up puting on a coment if this is the roung plase to put this comment i am very sorry.

  3. I’ve been playing pumpkin multiples and have kind of got he hang of it.

    Heres a tip for all u gamers out there never stop even when it looks like u are there i know i had to learn the hard way.
    Also keep an eye at the top of the screen not the bottom and try to get back to the middle.

    There are some really good games on the woodland website http://www.woodlands junior.com Like ghost blaster and ghost buster and remember keep an eye on what u are trying to hit in ghost bester.

    (sorry Miss Allen if this is the wrong bit for comments I couldn’t find anywhere with ur comment on so i put it here sorry for any inconvenience)

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