We have now received a response from OSCR regarding our application for Charity Status, and are pleased to note that they have only requested one change at this point in time.  The response recommends that we should remove our objective relating to “environmental protection or improvement” as they would regard any such activities as falling under “the advancement of education” – as such, improvements are aimed at improving the children’s overall educational experience rather than environmental improvements which benefit the public at large.

The Committee is inclined to agree to this recommendation and would be happy to alter the Constitution again to reflect this change.

However, in order to do this, we must call a further Special General Meeting to allow this change to be approved by the members of the PTA.

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 30th May at 10.30am in the Main Hall of the school.  We require a minimum of 15 people to agree this change, and would be grateful for your support.  If you are already volunteering at the May Fair, this will be an ideal opportunity for you to help us.

Once we have this approval, we can revert to OSCR, and hopefully progress quickly with our application.

Should you have any queries or questions before this meeting, please contact us –