Welcome to Law Primary Parent Council Online

This is where you can find information about all issues and news related to activities of the Parent Council.  The Parent Council is intended to be the voice of parents to those managing the school.

We are also involved in broader discussions around the future of educational services and how budgetary issues within East Lothian Council might impact on Law Primary.   It is vital to have a strong Parent Council to engage in the debate and voice our views on these matters. We will seek to act upon your feedback in this area.

We will ensure that this website is regularly updated with useful information and outputs from Parent Council meetings.

As a member of the Parent Forum you are welcome to attend any Parent Council meetings. If you do not wish to attend but would like to raise concerns, ideas, views or suggestions about any school-related matter, then please contact either your class representative to raise the matter on your behalf (see Current Members for details) or e-mail us at


no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. We will seek to include it on the agenda and feed back the outcomes of discussions to you.

Keep up-to-date with news..

As a Parent Council we will look to keep parents up-to-date with all news and developments through our Parent Council Blog (see Latest News above).