Electronic Devices – can you help or can someone perhaps help you?


Posted by Caroline Danks | Posted in Information for Parents | Posted on 18-01-2021

If you need a device for schooling at home, there’s 2 things you can do:

– let the school know
They have a bank of chromebooks that they use throughout the school year. During this lockdown they are required to provide one to every child in the hub, but will lend out any extras (although these are in limited supply).
Parent Council has no personal information about families and can’t allocate any.
– keep an eye on this Facebook page (click on the link) for offers of second hand devices 😃
The school is not able to ‘handle’ second hand devices, so hopefully this page will help!
Anyone who has basic technical advice on how to wipe laptops, ipads etc would also be welcomed.

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