Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood programme


Posted by Caroline Danks | Posted in Information for Parents | Posted on 29-04-2021


Dear Parent/Carer

As you may know, East Lothian Council schools are using the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood  programme (RSHP) to support our teaching in the Health and Wellbeing aspects of Curriculum for Excellence. 

We are in the process of implementing the programme across the school.  Some year stages including P6 have already done work on this, but other stages are about to start, including P1 and P5.

The full programme, including lesson plans, is available on their website and we encourage you to have a look and discuss with your children what they have been covering at school. 

Early Level covers Nursery to P1, First Level is P2-P4 and 2nd Level is P5-P7.

The programme is aimed at delivering Beginning to the first stage within a level (for example P2 for First Level) and Progression 2 for the last stage within a level (for example Progression 2 for Second Level in P7).

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

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