Updates and Upcoming Projects Oct 21


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  • There are some exciting things happening with Project Playground – the PTA is submitting a grant.
  • We continue to campaign and work with the council and North Berwick Trust to install a path at the back of the school, so that parents and pupils can avoid Haddington RD.
  • We are planning a parent info event in Nov (date tbc) to explore mental health provision and support for pupils. This will be online, and info will be sent out after half term.
  • There is a new nursery group, which has a clear focus for supporting parents and kids to get to know each other better.
  • We sent a letter to Paul McLennan MSP asking that the Parent Council be included in discussions around any future changes to provision at the Edington Hospital.  We received a response saying that he is keen to work collaboratively on this issue.

Next term

Outlining our plans for next term, we have been working with the school and the council to better understand how we can work more effectively as a Parent Council.  As Law is such a large school, and there are so few of us actively involved we need to refocus and restructure how we work.  All parents are welcome to work with us.  This year we will work:

  • To continue to listen to parents and encourage contribution to the meeting agendas, but to ask if parents contribute an ‘issue’ they also contribute a possible ‘solution’.  This will allow us to think about ways we can work together to resolve issues.


  • To continue to hold coffee mornings and meet with parents informally, as we recognise the online meetings do not allow much space for open discussion.


  • To continue to work in small working groups so that parents can get involved in specific projects and feel that they are making a real contribution to the school.  These groups will work closer with the school so we can work more effectively with staff.


  • To work closely with the PTA.

Improve communication between parents and the school (our overall goal for 2021-22)

  • To rethink how class reps can work more effectively to improve communication within each year group.  We have had lots of you come forward to help with this.  Thanks, but we are short of reps for P2, P5, P6 and P7!


  • School website – needs an overhaul.  The school is keen for us to work with them on this.


  • School handbook for new parents – needs a review and update.

As communications are such a key focus, we are looking for help.  If you have a background in web design, writing / editing, PR please help us!  We will also be thinking about content so anyone who has a key interest in seeing something added to the website / handbook we will also let you know how you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing you after half term.

Kate (Chair) + Gemma (Vice-Chair)


Parent Council meeting on Mon 1st November, 7pm – please register


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An invite to ALL parents / carers at Law Primary and Nursery school: our next online Parent Council meeting is on Mon 1st Nov, 19.00-20.30.

To register for the Google Meet please go to: https://forms.gle/qKtwCcUivadcHLnDA

You are welcome to contribute to the agenda by:

  1.  Coming along to our coffee hour at 09.00 this Friday (29th Oct) by the table tennis tables in the lodge. We provide Steampunk coffee + kids welcome.  Come and chat to us about what we do, meet the team, find out more.  All welcome.  Just turn up.
  2. Using the anonymous jamboard.  HOWEVER before you do, please read our update below, sent to those on our mailing list.  We ask that if contributing a question or an ‘issue’ please also suggest a possible ‘solution’.  https://jamboard.google.com/d/1Yf2GdUC4ZNc-9aKCZB_XNRM2gd8fVkAp3gZzsC6Ueo4/edit?usp=sharing


Thanks and any queries please email us.

The Parent Council Team


COFFEE IN THE LODGE TOMORROW at 9.00am (29/10/21)


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Dear Parents / Carers,

You are all welcome to join us for a coffee in the Lodge (at the Table Tennis tables) tomorrow at 09.00.  All welcome, including kids.

Find out what we are working on – maybe get involved?  This is to also help us shape the agenda for the next Parent Council meeting on Monday (19.00).  See info below.

Nursery parents – there is a play in the play-park organised for 10.00.  All welcome, just come along.


Kate (Chair)