The role of the Class Representative


Posted by Caroline Danks | Posted in Information for Parents | Posted on 06-11-2021

Class representatives act as an essential link between the school and parents in their class, for issues and ideas in both directions.  Parents can consult their class rep for any matter that does not relate to specific individuals and the rep may answer it directly, or pass it on to the wider parent council or school as appropriate.

The types of things you are expected to do include:

  • Advise any social media groups you may have, that you are their PC rep and that they can raise any issues with you at any time, not just for a PC meeting
  • Follow Law Primary Parent Council on Facebook if you are on it
  • Promote PC information, sub group work, and invitations to meetings and coffee mornings, to your class
  • In advance of PC meetings, ask for any issues parents want raised – as constructive as possible.  Positive feedback is always appreciated too! This should be collated and emailed to the Parent Council, via  If we get this a few days before the meeting we can raise it directly with Mrs Mackinnon for her Headteacher briefing if appropriate.  (Parents are still able to post ideas themselves if they prefer, on the jam board that is circulated to people on the email list ahead of each meeting).
  • Attend the PC meetings and coffee mornings where possible and feed back from those to your class
  • Let your class teacher know that you are the class rep for their class.  If there is anything they would like to disseminate or explain to the class’s parents they can choose to do so through the rep.
  • Spread the word about the Parent Council and encourage engagement where possible.

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