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Background on Parent Councils

Changes were made to the law in 2006 to help parents and schools in Scotland work together as partners in children’s learning. The Scottish Parliament has passed the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 to encourage and support more parents to become involved. The Act acknowledges the vital role that parents have to play in their children’s education. It aims to make it easier for parents to become involved in their own child’s education and in their child’s school more generally.

The Law Primary Parent Council (formerly called the Law School Council) was formed in response to the Parental Involvement Act which came into force in August 2007.

The Parental Involvement Act makes changes to the arrangements for parental representation in all schools. If you are a parent with a child still at school in the state system you are automatically a member of the School Parent Forum. A Parent Council operates on behalf of the School Parent Forum and replaces the traditional School Board. If you’re a Parent it’s a great opportunity to become more involved!

The role of the Parent Council is to:

  • support the school in its work with pupils
  • represent the views of all parents
  • encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
  • report back to the Parent Forum.

The school and the local authority have a legal duty to listen to what the Parent Council says and give it a proper response.

More information

For more about Law Primary Parent Council, see our leaflet – A Guide to Law Primary School Parent Council (opens in a new window).

For more general information about Parent Councils and Parent Forums see the East Lothian Council Education pages (opens in a new window).

Law Primary Parent Council Constitution

Click here to view the Parent Council Constitution (updated June 2013)