Electronic Devices – can you help or can someone perhaps help you?


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If you need a device for schooling at home, there’s 2 things you can do:

– let the school know
They have a bank of chromebooks that they use throughout the school year. During this lockdown they are required to provide one to every child in the hub, but will lend out any extras (although these are in limited supply).
Parent Council has no personal information about families and can’t allocate any.
– keep an eye on this Facebook page (click on the link) for offers of second hand devices 😃
The school is not able to ‘handle’ second hand devices, so hopefully this page will help!
Anyone who has basic technical advice on how to wipe laptops, ipads etc would also be welcomed.

What happens in the case of a positive COVID case at the school?


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This flowchart gives you the process the school will follow if they are alerted to positive case of COVID-19.

COVID positive case notification

North Berwick Coastal Connected Communities – Befriender Co-Ordinator job opportunity


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An opportunity has arisen for someone to join North Berwick Coastal Connected Communities charity as a Befriender Co-Ordinator on an initial short-term contract. The attached job description gives some information about the new role with this worthy project and how to apply. If you are interested in applying, I’m sure they would be delighted to hear from you. If not, please feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested and note that the deadline for applications is January 22nd.

NBCCC Befriender Co-ordinator Job Description

Law PS – Anxiety Tool Kit


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We know that many adults and children are feeling particularly anxious at the moment.  The attached resource, produced during last year, may be helpful for you and your children to look at. We hope that our Building Resilience programme is also giving you some strategies to use, and we are launching the new unit called “Get Active” at our assembly this week.

Coronavirus Anxiety Toolkit

Financial Support During COVID – support from East Lothian Council


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Covid-19 has had an enormous impact across the country.  Whether you’re an employee, self-employed, unemployed, retired or bringing up a family, everyone has faced significant challenges in recent months.

As we head into winter the impact of the pandemic continues to be felt. In response to this, a range of financial and welfare related support measures have been put in place, both at a national and local level, to help those affected.

At East Lothian Council, they are working closely with our partners, local community groups and volunteers to make sure help gets to those who need it. This leaflet brings together some of the help available, with links to further information. If you have difficulty accessing this information online, please let East Lothian Council know and they will arrange for a hard copy of the leaflet to be sent to you.


Better Support for Learning – collaboration


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Radical Re-design: parents as partners in effective collaboration for better Support for Learning for Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs

Parents as partners – please read this link.

East Lothian Council’s Education & Children’s Services, Inclusion & Wellbeing Service is embarking on new partnership with Animate Consulting and colleagues, to explore how to deliver better support for learning for children and young people with additional support needs using a collaborative inquiry based approach.

The recent Support for Learning Review identifies the need to radically redesign the way support for learning is implemented. It proposes that the new starting point needs to be ‘all our children and all their support needs’, recognising and addressing the increased complexity and barriers to learning that affect their lives and those of their families, that persist well beyond school and formal education.

In short this includes adopting a more relational and child centred approach characterised by:

  • values driven leadership,
  • an open and robust culture of communication, support and challenge underpinned by trust, respect and positive relationships between children, young people and their parents/carers, school staff and other professionals
  • a recognition that the current ‘narrow dominance of qualification results’ are inadequate measures of success, and
  • a commitment to improvement through experiential learning (learning by doing), reflection and review processes that encourage and support innovation and continually ‘test the gap between intention and reality.’

We believe that children and young people with ASN will make the most of their abilities and potential when they have the encouragement, support and services they need from the range of people who care about them and have responsibility for their development working collaboratively – bringing the best of who they are and what they know together in a safe, appreciative and creative environment.

We know that the ‘support for learning system’ will benefit greatly if a wider range of parents and carers are supported to actively contribute their knowledge, wisdom and experience. We know too that teachers and other professionals need support to consider how to change their systems in order to be more inclusive.

We want to learn how to improve support for children with ASN by focusing on schools in one locality, with the ultimate aim of sharing our learning more widely. We will do this by supporting an effective collaboration between young people, parents, teachers and professionals. Through listening to one another, trying out new approaches and reflecting and learning together, the collaboration will gain an in-depth understanding of what works for young people and their families. This will lead to a radical redesign of the way support for learning is implemented in one area, and lessons which can be learned to inform practice in other areas.

Our approach will include a mentoring programme, that will enable parents to take up their role as partners in the collaborative design and delivery of support for learning interventions for children and young people with Additional Support Needs (ASN). The collaboration will involve parents, teachers and other professionals. It will be informed by bringing in young people voices and supported by an action inquiry process ensuring that we reflect and learn as we design and implement a more relational and child-centred approach.

Action Inquiry (AI Group)

We are keen to form and support an AI Group to co-design the inquiry and are inviting you to join us.

We want the AI Group to include a range of stakeholders who are actively committed and engaged in providing and supporting the learning of children with ASN, including: parents, teachers and pupil support staff, Educational Psychologist; Children’s Services and Third Sector organisations.  We anticipate a group of around 10 people.

We are inviting you because we believe you will enrich our learning journey – we not asking you to ‘represent’ any particular organisational or group perspective, rather to bring your experience, knowledge and wisdom as well as your curiosity to the group. We believe that getting the ‘system in the room’ and sharing our differing experience and perspectives with one another will enable us to better see and understand ‘the whole picture’, and to use this new shared knowledge to find creative new ways enabling children and young people ASN to reach their potential and enjoy enriched and happy lives.

What is the commitment for members?

The project is scheduled to run for 5 school terms, from Jan 21 to June 22, and we anticipate that the Group will meet between 10 & 12 times for 2 hrs over the period, as follows:

  • 3 initial meetings (Jan- Apr 21) to establish the group, get to know one another and agree how we will work together
  • 8 periodic ‘sensemaking meetings’ (2 per term) to review and support the iterative development of the work.

We hope that you will be up for coming on this learning journey with us, and believe that it will both enrich us all as individuals and increase our capacity to work collaboratively to deliver improved outcomes for children and young people with ASN.

Date of first virtual meeting

To get us under way we have identified possibilities for our first meeting, please let me know your availability – 2 – 4pm Tuesday 12th or 10 – 12 noon Thursday 14th January 2021.

If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or Ian McKenzie, Lead Partner at Animate ian@animateconsulting.co.uk 07734037844.


NHS Lothian Children’s Services website


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NHS Lothian is working to create a new website for Children’s Services and all child health information for families living in the Lothian area.  The site will focus on information for children, young people, parents, carers and families about our hospitals, clinics, treatments and conditions, etc. helping empower them with information about their health care, and reduce anxiety by giving young people a place to understand about coming to hospital for an admission, tests, or for a clinic appointment.  The site will launch in 2021 and will also include information about the new Royal Hospital for Children and Young People in Edinburgh.

An online survey is open for children, young people and their parents and carers to help shape the design of the site by sharing feedback on some of the styles the website might take.  The survey is anonymous and will only take 5-6 minutes to complete.  Thank you


Christmas Timetable of Events 2020


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Christmas Timetable 2020

Click here to find out more information about what your child will be doing in the run up to Christmas!

Update from Law Parent Council – November 2020


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Hello and welcome to your new regular Law Parent Council update.

Our aim for the updates is to share with you the results we are achieving on key areas that impact our children – based on parents and carers feedback.   We will also share the minutes from the most recent Parent Council meeting. You can see last week’s minutes on this website.

The parent council only works if we get input from the people who are the integral link between school and home and that’s all of you!!

We appreciate there is a whole new year of parents (welcome P1 parents!) and there is also the new team involved in running the Parent Council so we thought it would be good to go back to the start and share some background info with you…

What is the purpose of the Parent Council? 

We exist to represent the voices of Law Primary School parents and carers. We are also involved in broader discussions around the future of educational services and how budgetary issues within East Lothian Council might impact on Law Primary.

Who is involved with the Parent Council? 

Kate Allen – acting Chair

Kate has been a member of the PC since her eldest son Sam started P1 – he is now in P5 and Oliver is in P3.  Kate joined as she wanted to get to know the school community and she says that she has learnt tonnes about teaching and school policies, practices and budgets. She believes that the PC should feel welcoming to all parents – somewhere to share a worry, a moan, a brilliant idea or a skill and she hopes more of you will get involved – whether that be to share your thoughts or just to listen – everyone is welcome.

What are the three subgroups? 

These spun out of activity a couple of years ago and allow the people involved to get down into the detail and really push issues through to resolution. The groups are currently:

1. Safer routes to school – which does as it says on the tin and the project lead here is Zoe Lovell. The activities of this group span the whole town and are completely focussed on getting Law Primary School children there safely. Pretty important we would say!

The group has successfully pushed forward a number of campaigns – most recently:

–          Traffic signals agreed for at Grange/Law/Haddington Road junction;

–          Zebra crossing and 2 raised tables at Haddington/Lochbridge Road

–          Staff entrance from Haddington Road to be improved to include some extra parking and pedestrian access.

–          They are also in discussion with the Council to improve links from the East of the town. Work on the much promised crossing from Aldi to the park will begin in March.

The Safer Routes to School group had a virtual meeting last week and you can find out more information in the attached SR2S newsletter and you can contact Zoe on lovellzoe@yahoo.co.uk

2. Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing subgroup are in the process of engaging with the local Health and Wellbeing Association,  we hope that this will provide us with good connections with other groups with similar aims who we can work alongside / get support from as projects arise.   We are also continuing with our work to set up a ‘SNAG’ (School Nutrition Action Group) that will focus on school lunches and are looking forward to further discussion with Mrs Wells to get an update following the inevitable changes to catering caused by Covid-19.    Charlotte Rooney is the lead on this group and you can reach her on rooney.charlotte@googlemail.com.

3. Parental Engagement and Communications

We know how inundated everyone is by a million message a day and we don’t want to add to that. But we do need to communicate with you and we need to hear your thoughts. This sub-group will be working on how we can improve the flow of information between the school and parents/carers and the first step is this regular update – we are trying to move away from a whole bunch of individual emails to one email after each Parent Council meeting – on average once every six weeks. We are also going to be looking at the Parent Council website. The group lead is Rebecca Rennie and you can contact her on rchristensen81@gmail.com.

How can I get involved? 

You could ‘come along’ to our next meeting which will be online and is on 18 January from 7 – 8.30pm, we will be in touch beforehand to find out if anyone has any suggestions or things they would like to raise. If you would like to get involved with one of the three subgroups then please email the lead – they would love to have you involved and they are all new groups of people so it’s a nice time to join as everyone gets to know each other.

Anything else? 

Yes!! We frequently hear that people do not know what is going on in the school – the teachers have all committed to sending weekly updates through Google Classrooms and these provide a great summary of what is going on. Only one-third of people are opening these – so if you haven’t managed to start reading these then please do – the feedback from those who do read them has been very positive.

And one final thing – the council implemented a Positive Relationships policy and they have asked us to share a survey to get your feedback – you can share your thoughts here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/KBQ629T

Until next time we hope you all have a healthy and happy Christmas and look forward to ‘meeting’ lots of new faces on our next meet up on 18th January.

The Parent Council

Help for parents


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Do you feel like you’re at the end of your tether? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Children 1st Parentline is here for you and your family.

Children 1st Parentline