Getting Involved

Parent Councils are reliant on parents volunteering their time to participate in the running of schools.  Any parent can get involved in the Law Parent Council.

If you are interested you can contact us via e-mail at

or just send us your comments, suggestions, concerns or ideas relating to the school so we can raise them at meetings and, if appropriate, take action.  Alternatively there’s a list of all the members of the group and the class they represent on the Current Members page.

If you would like to understand the sorts of issues that are raised and discussed at Parent Council meetings we suggest reading the minutes of our meetings.  They should provide a good indication of discussion areas.  Examples include a regular Headteachers report on recent activities and operational issues across the school, East Lothian Council budget issues and their impact on the school (and wider North Berwick cluster), proposed new housing developments in the town and their impact on the school, potential efficiency savings, pupil attainment figures, school playground facilities, property maintenance, travel and traffic related problems, pupil lateness, and issues around the introduction of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Parent Council Meetings

Attendees include members of the Parent Council, members of staff at the school, Mrs Mackinnon – the Headteacher, and usually one or more local councillors (see Meeting Minutes for more detail).
Any parent can attend, although only those members of the Parent Council can formally vote on matters.
Parents can apply to join the Parent Council at any time – contact us at

There is a regular refresh of the group between the end of a school year and the start of a new one as some members step-down.  This is the ideal time to register your interest in joining the Parent Council.  We try to ensure that every class in the school have a parent representative.

Meetings normally take place between 7 – 8.30pm at Law Primary School (although are currently undertaken on Google Meet)