The role of the Class Representative


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Class representatives act as an essential link between the school and parents in their class, for issues and ideas in both directions.  Parents can consult their class rep for any matter that does not relate to specific individuals and the rep may answer it directly, or pass it on to the wider parent council or school as appropriate.

The types of things you are expected to do include:

  • Advise any social media groups you may have, that you are their PC rep and that they can raise any issues with you at any time, not just for a PC meeting
  • Follow Law Primary Parent Council on Facebook if you are on it
  • Promote PC information, sub group work, and invitations to meetings and coffee mornings, to your class
  • In advance of PC meetings, ask for any issues parents want raised – as constructive as possible.  Positive feedback is always appreciated too! This should be collated and emailed to the Parent Council, via  If we get this a few days before the meeting we can raise it directly with Mrs Mackinnon for her Headteacher briefing if appropriate.  (Parents are still able to post ideas themselves if they prefer, on the jam board that is circulated to people on the email list ahead of each meeting).
  • Attend the PC meetings and coffee mornings where possible and feed back from those to your class
  • Let your class teacher know that you are the class rep for their class.  If there is anything they would like to disseminate or explain to the class’s parents they can choose to do so through the rep.
  • Spread the word about the Parent Council and encourage engagement where possible.

Year or Class Representatives Still Needed!


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If you are interested in becoming a class rep, we are still in need of volunteers for P2 and for P6.  There are year group reps for all others, but we are still looking for a class rep for each class.  Take a look here and see if you can help!

Please get in touch if you can.


Updates and Upcoming Projects Oct 21


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  • There are some exciting things happening with Project Playground – the PTA is submitting a grant.
  • We continue to campaign and work with the council and North Berwick Trust to install a path at the back of the school, so that parents and pupils can avoid Haddington RD.
  • We are planning a parent info event in Nov (date tbc) to explore mental health provision and support for pupils. This will be online, and info will be sent out after half term.
  • There is a new nursery group, which has a clear focus for supporting parents and kids to get to know each other better.
  • We sent a letter to Paul McLennan MSP asking that the Parent Council be included in discussions around any future changes to provision at the Edington Hospital.  We received a response saying that he is keen to work collaboratively on this issue.

Next term

Outlining our plans for next term, we have been working with the school and the council to better understand how we can work more effectively as a Parent Council.  As Law is such a large school, and there are so few of us actively involved we need to refocus and restructure how we work.  All parents are welcome to work with us.  This year we will work:

  • To continue to listen to parents and encourage contribution to the meeting agendas, but to ask if parents contribute an ‘issue’ they also contribute a possible ‘solution’.  This will allow us to think about ways we can work together to resolve issues.


  • To continue to hold coffee mornings and meet with parents informally, as we recognise the online meetings do not allow much space for open discussion.


  • To continue to work in small working groups so that parents can get involved in specific projects and feel that they are making a real contribution to the school.  These groups will work closer with the school so we can work more effectively with staff.


  • To work closely with the PTA.

Improve communication between parents and the school (our overall goal for 2021-22)

  • To rethink how class reps can work more effectively to improve communication within each year group.  We have had lots of you come forward to help with this.  Thanks, but we are short of reps for P2, P5, P6 and P7!


  • School website – needs an overhaul.  The school is keen for us to work with them on this.


  • School handbook for new parents – needs a review and update.

As communications are such a key focus, we are looking for help.  If you have a background in web design, writing / editing, PR please help us!  We will also be thinking about content so anyone who has a key interest in seeing something added to the website / handbook we will also let you know how you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing you after half term.

Kate (Chair) + Gemma (Vice-Chair)

Parent Council meeting on Mon 1st November, 7pm – please register


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An invite to ALL parents / carers at Law Primary and Nursery school: our next online Parent Council meeting is on Mon 1st Nov, 19.00-20.30.

To register for the Google Meet please go to:

You are welcome to contribute to the agenda by:

  1.  Coming along to our coffee hour at 09.00 this Friday (29th Oct) by the table tennis tables in the lodge. We provide Steampunk coffee + kids welcome.  Come and chat to us about what we do, meet the team, find out more.  All welcome.  Just turn up.
  2. Using the anonymous jamboard.  HOWEVER before you do, please read our update below, sent to those on our mailing list.  We ask that if contributing a question or an ‘issue’ please also suggest a possible ‘solution’.


Thanks and any queries please email us.

The Parent Council Team

COFFEE IN THE LODGE TOMORROW at 9.00am (29/10/21)


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Dear Parents / Carers,

You are all welcome to join us for a coffee in the Lodge (at the Table Tennis tables) tomorrow at 09.00.  All welcome, including kids.

Find out what we are working on – maybe get involved?  This is to also help us shape the agenda for the next Parent Council meeting on Monday (19.00).  See info below.

Nursery parents – there is a play in the play-park organised for 10.00.  All welcome, just come along.


Kate (Chair)



Newsletter from Headteacher June 2021


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Newsletter June 2021 – click here to read Mrs Mackinnon’s update

Meeting Monday 7 June 2021


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Dear Parents / Carers,

The next Parent Council Meeting is on Monday 7 June at 7pm online and you can register through this link

Since we have moved these sessions online we have seen attendance increase massively which is brilliant and thanks very much to everyone who joined us. These meetings are an opportunity for you to hear directly from the Headteacher and other school stakeholders about issues that affect our children.

The agenda for the session is still being finalised and if you would like to suggest any areas for discussion then please post them here

All welcome – you do not have to be a member of the Parent Council or been to any previous meetings.

This is an informal event so no participation necessary – grab a cuppa and listen in.

We hope you can make it along, so much work continues to happen behind the scenes to make sure our kids are safe, happy and healthy at school. More than ever our school community needs us all to work together. If you are keen to get more involved in the Parent Council please do email us before or after the meeting to find out how – we are a friendly group of parents and always welcome new voices and ideas.

Thanks and see you on 7 June.

The Parent Council Team


What family benefits does Social Security Scotland deliver?


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Click here to find out more about what you may be eligible for

(current as at June 2021)

Meeting held on 26 April 2021


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Thanks to all of you for attending the meetings this week and for your conversation and thoughts – we’ve appreciated every email we have received in response to the campus plans and other issues raised.  If you have a particular passion, skill or idea please do get in touch – we are a big school and there is so much we can contribute.  You can pop in and get involved on a specific project or longer term support the school with ideas and issues they approach us about.  We are a friendly and enthusiastic group of parents and really welcome you to get involved.  It benefits all our kids!

Just to update:

  • Attached are the minutes from the last meeting in March.  Minutes 8 March 2021
  • The PowerPoint presentation from Monday is here
  • Attached are the wider plan for safer routes.  The drone footage of Friday pickups will be uploaded to the website soon.
  • Attached is the Parent Council mock up – how to make the ‘campus’ safer and more accessible.  We have now shared this with East Lothian Council and Stantec.  The school staff have been very supportive of us as we have put together these proposals as they share our hope for a more sustainable and a safer campus.  However please note the proposals are draft and have not been formally agreed with staff, ELC or Stantec.  There are many challenges ahead however we hope that parents will support the vision for the campus.
  • If you would like to share your thoughts (comments / caveats / objections) about our response to the nursery application please fill in this form before the end of today (Friday)
  • Nursery parents (now or future) – Rebecca Rennie is now leading a sub-group so the nursery is represented at the Parent Council.  Please email the Parent Council if you would like to join and she will be in touch.  We realised through the new nursery application that the nursery parents were not represented within the Parent Council so this group aims to do that from now on.
  • Finally we have a few keen parents who would like to get stuck into the playground – it’s such a great opportunity to contribute and get involved.  Anyone who is creative, practical or just motivated to improve the playground for the kids please email the Parent Council and we will put you all in touch.  As we said we have been offered a boat for the kids, but need parents to take responsibility to spruce it up and work with the school to make sure it is safe for the kids.  The staff have always encouraged Project Playground teams and the Parent Council and PTA will support with ideas and funds.  Please get involved!

Best wishes

The Parent Council Team

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood programme


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Dear Parent/Carer

As you may know, East Lothian Council schools are using the Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood  programme (RSHP) to support our teaching in the Health and Wellbeing aspects of Curriculum for Excellence. 

We are in the process of implementing the programme across the school.  Some year stages including P6 have already done work on this, but other stages are about to start, including P1 and P5.

The full programme, including lesson plans, is available on their website and we encourage you to have a look and discuss with your children what they have been covering at school. 

Early Level covers Nursery to P1, First Level is P2-P4 and 2nd Level is P5-P7.

The programme is aimed at delivering Beginning to the first stage within a level (for example P2 for First Level) and Progression 2 for the last stage within a level (for example Progression 2 for Second Level in P7).

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.