33 thoughts on “Day 1 Loch Insh Diary

  1. Hi Ciaran 7d

    Looked like you on the mountain bike -was it?? Missing you lots but hoping you’re having a great time.

    Love Mum, Dad, Elle, Hannah and Max xx

  2. Hi Briony Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all your stories tonight!
    Mairi,Brendan, Liam and Calum

  3. hello maurice, uncle david,james and rhona , yes and cousins will ,chris say they had the best discos wet and muddy even in kilts,so never mind if you only have pyjamas left.love mum xxx.

  4. Urgh you got snow. I was bucketing here and mum made me take the dog out so I got soaked. She did send something previously but it isn’t here, oh well. Hope that you having fun and that the food is better than when I went there, the breakfasts are always great especially the pancakes!!

  5. Maurice ,hope this reaches you.Think i spotted you on a bike .Looks fantastic. Hope getting wet and muddy is great fun maybe not tonight at the disco though ??? Bramble thinks i left you at Tescos.Swimmer has perfected dolphin backflips??? Enjoy, miss you , see you soon love mermon xxx ps Law was very quiet this week.

  6. Neil Wilson are you out there? ( I hope we’ve found the right blog site!!! :o) This is Aunty Kate & Uncle Glen calling from sunny Sydney Australia trying to imagine how cold it is over there. It sounds like there are enough activities to keep you warm. Have a fabulous time. Look forward to seeing you soon! K,G & A xxx

  7. Hi Neil B – are you there? Can’t see you in any of the photos – the hat’s usually a give away but no sign! Unless you jumped out the bus and was last seen at McDiarmid Park!! Speaking of which, you’ll be pleased to know, Dad’s got the tickets for next week’s semi-final at Hampden – no golf that day! House is sooooo quiet – Euan has no-one to fight with – the Playstation and TV are much more fun when you can argue. Have lots of fun. We’re all missing you loads, McCoy too.
    Love Mum, Dad, Euan & McCoy
    xxx (woof)

  8. Hi Gareth and everyone!! Heard your chat and love all the photos! Glad its not me in the loch!! Have a fabby time!
    Love Mum, Dad, and the gang

  9. Hi Nathan, looks like you are all having a great time. It looks very cold, saw pictures of you doing the archery. See you soon, oh and we have managed to break the code on your’re money box so will be going out for a meal tonight!!!!! Only joking.

    Love Mum, Dad and Carrie.

  10. hi Tim.Looks like you are all having a great time .Hope you enjoyed the snow.Think we spotted you in the archery photos.House very quiet without you.

    Mum Dad and James x

  11. Hi Iona hope your having a great time it looks so snowy and cold and i see they have new sailing boats since i was there glad you found sailing so fun, well have a great 4 more days.


    ( )_( )
    (-‘.’-) <bunny
    (”) (”)

  12. This is Nogg’s bloggs. Bella thinks my blobbles called bernie! Where is that Nintendo? Wanted to play my word game, having to make do with Pony world!!! Hope you having fun…. Flossie ended up in the water when she went sailing…hope you don’t…. it looks very cold….keep warm. It’s just soooo quiet here! Ruby has your bed again!

  13. hi chugalug
    spotted you in one of the photos on day 2 which was a relief as we heard you were doing orienteering on day 1.
    the snow looks great hope you get more before you leave.
    unfortunately before we could stop him Euan sold your golf clubs on ebay – just joking ! but seriously……..
    have fun- from Dad , Lawrie and Euan

  14. hope you are having a fun time and doing lots of water sports

  15. Hello Eliza – we thought we spotted you in a boat, hope you didn’t get too wet. We are all missing you – the house is too quiet. Ruby slept on your bed! Isabella would like to know where you have hidden your nintendo! Hope you wern’t too hungry on the journey – we forgot to put your sandwiches in your bag – oops! Have a great time, love you lots. xxxxxxxxxx

    It’s TOO quiet!! love Florence xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Hi Callum!
    The photo’s look great. We all wish we were at Loch Insh with you, although I bet you are glad that we aren’t.!!!!!!
    Gordon is missing you, however he has moved into your bedroom and has taken over your computer.
    Take care and have a fantastic time mum, dad and Gordon. XXX

  17. Hi Ben, snow…how lucky are you! The pictures look great but we couldn’t spot you though 🙁 I hope you’re getting some sleep! Seb has a lazer tripwire for his birthday which he’s already installed…stop you getting into his room haha! We’ll save you some birthday cake. Enjoy the skiing… Lots of love Steph and Dad xx

  18. hi daz looks like great fun wet and muddy you will love that have seen some of the photos didnt spot you though ! hope your enjoying the food and your room and of course your ensuite haha xx

  19. Hi Riccardo, it looks brilliant. Hope you didn’t end up in the water! Have a fantastic time and try and get some sleep. The house is quiet without you chattering away and even the big boys are missing you.
    Have loads of fun.
    Lots of love Mum & Dad xxx

  20. LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL, LIVERPOOL…………….!!! Stevie and FT did us proud!!! Can’t see you in any of the pictures – come out from under that bunk and STOP eating…! Muzz missing you loads – not sure about the girls……!

  21. Hi Andrew, haven’t spotted you in any of the photos so maybe the teachers chucked you off the bus for making too much noise and you’re still walking up the A9! Big Bruv slept in for school this morning and is blaming you for not being here and waking him up as you run past his door.
    Hope you’re having a great time.
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Kenneth xxx

  22. Hi Hamish, Looks like everyone is having fun in the rain!
    Nick and Alex are enjoying getting to play on the playstation – at last! They are both missing you really.
    Sonny is wondering where you are and if you like your new hair cut yet?
    Have a great time. Lots of love , Mum, Dad, Nick, Alex & Sonny. xxx

  23. Hi Jack,

    Looks like good wet and muddy fun. Have a great time and please brush your teeth at some point!

    Loads of love, Mum, Dad, Danners, Heather and Becks xx

  24. Hi Henry

    Weather looks normal for Loch Insh. Hope you’re having a great time. Did you find where I had hidden you’re sweets? Have an action packed week, dont get too wet.


  25. Hi Annie

    Hope youre having a great time, look forward to more photos tomorrow. missing you
    Mum and Dad

  26. Hi Briony
    Looks fun up there! Hope you realised it was me who tooted my horn and flashed car lights as I overtook the bus on the bypass – not sure the bus driver knew what was going on!

    Have a great time everyone

    Mum, Dad, Connor – and Mack of coursexxxxxx

  27. looks like you’re all having fun though possibly a bit wet and chilly!! hope a good nights sleep is had by all and the sun might come out tomorrow! enjoy! look forward to seeing more tomorrow – more fun seeing what you are up to than the stuff I’m supposed to be doing while on the computer!!!
    Mum, dad and Kim xxx

  28. Hey Jessie and Lucy
    The sailing looks fun!!
    (Hope you didn’t fall in!!) xxx

  29. hi annie!!

    hope you enjoying yourself? sorry never got to say bye this morning! u better get me a good present 🙂 only joking!! don’t go eating all those digestives either hehehe!!

    love you lots and lots, almost as much as jelly tots 😀


    x x x x x x x

  30. Beamish,

    Oh nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. yo yo yo! hope y’all having a good time lol look at ur faces u look cold! Marcus.

    the photos are well good idea can see what youve all bean doing! well done Dennis, look forward to seeing more pictures.night.

    BIG hug little kiss

    Mum & Marcus xx

  32. Hi Eth – the pictures look great and hope you all had good fun even though it was a bit wet. Hope dinner was edible too! Look forward to seeing more of what you are getting up to. It’s very quiet without junior! Mom n Pops n the Bean.

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