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  1. Hi Cammy,

    We’ve been looking at the pictures of Loch Insh and it looks great. Hope your having a fantastic time and we are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, especially Euan. I found Edward in the car in case you were wondering!! Have fun at the disco, see you tomorrow.
    Mum,Dad Jamie, Euan and Edward

  2. Hello again Ewan

    We looked at all the photos and videos and listened to the podcast with Grandma & Grandad tonight – fantastic. Very impressed with how much you are all doing. Hope you’re having a great time. Enjoy the BBQ and disco.


  3. Hi Frabier,Hope you are having a GREAT !!!!!!! time .
    MISSING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Robster x

    p.s. remember to bring me something nice back!

  4. hi ethan it ya wee brov here hope you havin a good time.

    are you having fun?

    Guess what we got on DVD today.ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS!!!!

    love you eth 🙂

  5. Hi Kieran,
    It’s great to see what you are up to, it’s just like Big Brother! I wonder who will be evicted tomorrow…Hope it’s not you as we have managed to rent out your room! Have a great time at the disco tonight, no dancing like you Dad. Love Mum, Dad & Dillx

  6. hi Gregor

    tis is your big sis !!!

    u havin fun???

    luv ya elzy!!

  7. Hi Everyone hope your having a good time in Loch Insh we have been down the street and playing games in the gym. We have been in the sports centre a lot and we can play outside when ever we want.

  8. HI evrey body I hope your all having fun at camp we’ve been down the street playing game’s in the gym . we’ve been in the sport’s center .playing out side when ever we want just to mention a few

  9. Harriet’s Grandma in Kent,

    What a gorgeous place! You seem to be doing so many activities. Enjoy yourself

  10. Hi happy campers! We are all enjoying the half day timetable this week it’s great to be finished school at lunchtime everyday and all the special activites that are on offer. So far I’ve been water-skiing, quadbiking (in the playground it’s amazing – Mrs Baillie has had the fastest lap time), and surfing. The P6s are really enjoying the chance to parachute off the Law into the Sensory Garden!
    Your photos look amazing and you all look very much like you are enjoying your activities. Has Miss Allan managed to stay dry and warm? Please keep your eye on Miss Skinner as it’s her first time and especially watch her on the dance floor tonight!
    We decided against fruit this week as Cadburys came up with a very good snack package, I hope you are all eating healthily and I’m looking forward to hearing all your stories when you get back.
    Mrs Barnes is on is way to Loch Insh and will be there by lunchtime.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Love Mrs Barbour

  11. Hi Shannon
    You being away is really not helping me get my work done, instead I am on the net checking up on you all. Caitlin and I made a risotto last night coz we could put all the things you hate in it.
    Pepper went for her puppy check yesterday and she ended up getting her first jag!! ouch!! She is fine tho. I had to get up at 5am with her this morning, only for 10 mins though, she went back to bed and slept until 7.30. Getting better, but I’m soooo tired (don’t remember you and your sister being so tiring, but could be my age).
    Anyway, have fun and don’t come home too tired and grumpy (coz one of us like that in the house is enough!).
    Love you
    Mum x

  12. Hi Andrew, thought I’d posted a comment on Tuesday but it must have disappeared into the big black hole. Will get you to give me a lesson when you get back!
    Not seen you in any of the photos yet, so hope you’re not still trying to drag your suitcase off the bus.
    Big Bruv slept in for school yesterday and is blaming you for not being here making your usual racket.
    Hope you’re having a great time.
    Love Mum, Dad, Kenneth xxx

  13. What’s that Eliza – you capsized? What a surprise! Lucky you had packed so many pairs of ……..trousers. Sounds like you’re all having a great time – it’s fantastic to see all the photos and hear how you’re getting on. Hope you enjoy all your activities today. Lots of love xxxx

  14. Hi son- are you hhhhu u n n GRY! It’s not SO bad without you – we really enjoyed the steak last night (Anderson’s .. what else!) and you know that chicken from M&S (naturally!) we are having that tonight PLUS 22 bowls of Weetabix minis (chocolate crisp of course!) back to Special K for the rest of the year…. I’ll make sure there’s plenty of FRUIT when you get back. What’s that Murray?- DORITOS AND ICE CREAM for breakfast – yeah that’s fine – go for it ……..!!!!

  15. Hello

    Great to see the pictures and videos and the Podcast was excellent we really enjoyed it.

    The activiies look fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing a squad of super fit P7 Rugby boys on Saturday!

    Pete the Coach

  16. Hope you managed to get plenty of sleep last night!!!!!!! and looking forward to the activities today. The photos etc are fab especially the pod cast. Hope you’ve recovered from yesterday.
    Love Mum, Dad and Karen

  17. For Blake,
    Hope you are having lots of fun, it looks lovely and snowy. See you when you get back and look forward to hearing all about your trip.
    Love from Mum, Andy, Hazel and Abbie x

  18. What a great podcast, I enjoyed listening to your news. I’m very impressed that you’ve been able to put together such a high quality production while you’re so busy. Everyone speaks clearly and describes the exciting activities very well. And that door sound effect sounds just like a real door! 😉

  19. Hi

    Thanks so much, Mrs Macniven, for producing/posting the slide shows and pod casts from the children (and occasional instructor and teacher). It has been just great to be able to see the children at their activities and listen to their comments – I am truly appreciating your school web site!! Infact, I have just spent an age exploring more of it – better late than never, I suppose!!

    Hope you get an earlier night!

    Thanks again – look forward to more of it tomorrow.

    ps – I shall now go and do what I intended to do on the computer!

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