Snow Falls on Day 2 at Loch Insh

Good Morning! We had a white out this morning but it only lasted for about an hour, so all activites went ahead as planned. Here is what we are up to today.

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24 thoughts on “Snow Falls on Day 2 at Loch Insh

  1. Hi Eilidh- looks like you are having lots of fun- gr8 photo of all you guys about to take off down the ski slope. There seems to be a lot more snow than when we were up last week- a bit more chilly too! cant wait to hear all your tales tomorrow. Ava is missing you lots- shes been drawing some fab pictures for you. Dad is missing your antics but pleased that he hasn’t had to watch any soaps this week and im missing you so much ive even tidied your room -ahggg! enjoy your last day- love you lots- mum dad and Ava

  2. hi ryan i see the weather is not to great but dad and me hope that your having a great time see you when you get back love you loads we miss you lots of love mum n dad

  3. Hi Hambo,
    I’ve spotted you in a photo….at last! Please tell me that you have been wearing the warmer jacket?!! You look freezing in the photo!
    It all looks like great fun and we’re all really enjoying the blog…the photos and audio broadcasting are fab!
    Have a really great couple of days.
    Lots of love Mum xx

    ps i’ll get Dad to post a message tonight… know what he’s like with computers!!!

  4. Hi Ado , hope you are having a great time. I have been trying for two days to leave a message, so I hope you get this one! We have been checking out the website, and the photos and audio update are really good.We saw a photo of you with your lifejacket on. I hope you didn’t capsize. We are all missing you, the babies have slept in your bed last night, and Kathryn the night before, can’t wait to hear all your news tomorrow night when you come home.

  5. hi Amy looks like you are having lots of fun. What group are you in? We are all enjoying the weblog..Granny too! Bit too quiet and boring here . We are on our way…pop the kettle on ! lots of love mum,dad, ally and abby.

  6. Hi Holly,
    Hope you’re having a great time in the snow and rain at Loch Insh!
    I’m getting to go on the Wii as much as i like and Issy’s been wondering where you are.
    We liked seeing the pictures of you and your friends in the boats!
    Miss you lots.
    Owen and Issy
    (Mum and Dad say they miss you too – it’s strange that you’re not here)

  7. Hi Chris and everyone at Loch Inch
    Looks like you are all having a great time, the snow looks fun. we saw you cycling on the blog glad to see you had your gloves on. Ben says to tell you he has his board with red stripes.
    Jamie says Hi & have a great time.
    Love Mum, Dad, Jamie, Ben, Jess & Belle.

  8. Hey Eth
    If only you knew how jealous your bruv is cos you had snow!! It must have been great to see and even better to play in. Hmmm…..can’t wait for that lovely bag of dirty washing!
    It’s much too quiet without you so looking forward to you coming back – have been in to tidy your room!!
    Keep having fun and maybe we’ll see you mush on a picture – or maybe your shy 🙂
    Be good luv the gang xx

  9. Hi Chris, it’s Emma

    I’ve seen all the pictures and it looks like your having a great time. What activities have you been doing? I’m jealous because you got snow and get to do cool things. Mum’s got to Granny and Grandpa’s and is all right. Dad’s trying to look after me and is getting few things right. (BORING!)

    Have a good time. Love Em & Dad xxx

  10. Hey Ewan – we’re loving the blog.

    It looks like you’re all having a fantastic time. It’s lovely and warm and sunny in North Berwick – hope you are all using the sun tan lotion you packed!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. We think you’ve done archery and boating so far – enjoy the next 2 days.

    Connor says “Hello Moto!”

    Mum, Dad, Connor & Marley xx

  11. Hi Smudge

    Was that you paddling your own canoe? Please don’t bring too much dirty washing home.

    Love Mum, Dad and Woody

  12. Hi Dennis
    what u up to? the house is a lot quieter without you(mainly because of the farts!!!) hav a good time and i will leave a comment 2morro!

    Marcus is missing you really.
    Lucky you getting a bit of snow hope you had a snowball fight!!
    the pics of shooting at the targets looked good hope you get a go. Nan & Grandad say hi and hope you having an amazing time.
    BIG hug little kiss
    Mum & Marcus xx

  13. Hi Andrew
    We hope you have a good day tomorrow, it looks like great fun and saw you in the photos. The house is too quiet without you!
    Have a fab time and see you soon.
    Love Mum, Dad and Karen

  14. Hi Chris

    Looks like you’re all having a great time! We’ve seen you in one of the photos. Looks cold up there, but I bet you’re all pleased about the snow!

    I’m down in Pangbourne and posting from Grandpa’s computer. Guess what? Grandpa’s operation has been cancelled because the surgeon’s ill. They didn’t find out until I was already on the train to London, so they told me when I arrived – I thought it was a wind-up! No need to worry, the op will get done later in April. Meantime, I’m having a little holiday now…..:-)

    Have fun! lots of love, Mum, Granny & Grandpa xxx

  15. Hi F

    Well I know I posted a message yesterday but can I find it??? Need you back to show me how a computer works!!

    So just so you know we are thinking of you, thought I would write another quick (???) message, just to say hi this time.


    All fine here – Cameron thinks it is “very peaceful” without you! I played golf today to a standard that I now understand why you have a better handicap than me. Dad and Cass out this evening.

    Hope you are managing to participate in the activities – you all must be having a terrific time.

    Enjoy! Mum, Dad and Cam

  16. Hi Neil!
    It all looks great on the blog!
    We are all missing you especially Carrie!
    We love the photo of yourself that you left as a screensaver 🙂
    Dad has nobody to talk to first thing in the morning!
    Have you eaten all the sour apples ;)!
    Love from us all, xxxx

  17. Hi Hamish,

    Your bed is very comfy so I have decided to swap rooms. Its also nice eating all your cereal.

    Having a good time ? Can’t wait till you get back and tell me all about it.

  18. Hello Harriet

    How embarrassing – your mother sending a message!

    I thought I saw you in the video clip but wasn’t sure. It looks brilliant at Loch Insh.

    Missing you!

    Love Mum

  19. Hi Jessica

    Hope you are having fun in the snow- It looks like you are having a great time- remember to take some photos of our own.

    It’s been very quiet here – Joel needs somebody to argue with…. and he hasn’t really eaten your Easter eggs!

    Have fun and say hi to all your pals from us.

    Missing you

    Love Mum xx

  20. Hi Natalia,
    It looks like you are all having fun. I hope is not too cold.
    Missing you.
    Mum, Dad, Laia and Jordi

  21. hi megs looks great up there hope your all having fun and not too cold! All missing you have fun love mum dad stuart sarah and isla xx

  22. Hi everyone,
    Looks like you’are all having a fun time.
    Weather down here is cold and bright – enjoy the snow.
    Look forward to further updates,

  23. Hi Imo and everyone else enjoying the snow at Loch Insh!
    I think I spotted you on a boat in one of the photos this morning Imo – hope you didn’t end up in the Loch!!
    Have a great day
    Mum x

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