Snow Falls on Last Day at Loch Insh

Hi everyone, well disco fever hit last night and a very exhausted P7 dragged themselves down for breakfast this morning! (Video footage of the antics will be added later!!) It is another white out this morning and we are all looking forward to our last activities. We plan to leave at 4 – 4.30pm and be home about 7.30pm. So see you all then.

P.S at 10.30am the sun was blazing down and it is gorgeous…


9 thoughts on “Snow Falls on Last Day at Loch Insh

  1. hi guys its the instructors from loch insh here. the blog looks kool and were glad you enjoyed yourselfs with us. the sun is shining now and the snow is away wooo hooo. see you all soon and good luck with your new school.

    andy, scott, will, pete, gemma, bruce, charlie and the rest of the gang

  2. Hi Primary 7

    Hope you are all recovering from our adventures at Loch Insh this week. Have you opened up your bags of dirty washing yet? I haven’t! Just wanted to say thank you for a great week. I loved all the activities. Don’t worry boys who were in my corridor there is no detention when we get back to school for keeping me awake! Looking forward to seeing all the photos. Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. hi ryan hope you have had a great time hope you didnt get wet to much looking forward to see you tonight missed you loads love mum and dad ps hope you managed to pack your bags ok and not forgotin anything

  4. Hi Adam hope you had a great time at the BBQ and disco last night, heard you on the audiopodcast. It has been great to keep up with all your activities. Can’t wait to have you home love mumxx

    I miss you adam and I want you home right now. I had a sleepover with Euan in your bed. love Shona. xx

    I love you Ado the Bado from Euan Jamieson Corrie xx

  5. hi Natalia,
    Looking forward to seeing you tonight.
    Have a safe journey home.
    And, pleaseeee , try not to forget anyting!
    Mum and Dad

  6. hi Imo
    hope you have a fantastic last day – looking forward to your beautifully packed case!! safe journey home and see you tonight
    Mum x

  7. Really enjoying the videos and podcasts. Almost feels like we’ve been away with you – but we are getting lots of sleep and keeping warm and dry!

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight and hearing all about it – but not to doing the washing! Hope you’ve had a fantastic time.

    Try to bring home at least half of the clothes you took away with you!

    Mum, Dad, Connor…….. and Marley! xx

  8. Hi Holly,
    We heard you and your pals on the podcasts .. sounds like lots of fun. Mum and I are very jealous and are looking forward to the parents trip to Loch Insh! (Can you have a word with your treachers and try to get that organised!)

    Hope you manage to get everything packed in your bag for your trip back tonight!

    We’re looking forward to having you back and hearing all about your trip.

    Lots of love Dad, Mum, O & Is xxxx

  9. Thank you for telling us and showing us what you have been doing. We have enjoyed watching you. We have missed our paired readers and can’t wait until we see you next week.

    from P1b

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