7 thoughts on “Maths Game Decimals

  1. I played decimal speedway 3 times the first time the robot kept getting bigger decimals than me but the other two times.

  2. I also played the tug of war and some others, I won them all.



  3. I played the decimals game (black jack) it was really fun I played for 20 mins and I won 10 times and the robot won 3 times!



  4. I played decimal darts and I played it 6 times but got a few wrong I enjoyed this game because it was challenging and fun.

  5. I played the decimal black jack game for homework, I played it 5 times and I won 4 times, it was very fun and challenging.


  6. i played decimal speedway, concentration and place value strategy. .
    I didn’t like concentration but I liked the other ones. I bat my dad at place value strategy but he won spedway. The game cheated. It gave dad 1point instead of .1 and he won.

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