Art Extravaganza!

Yesterday Mrs Watson ( Katie` s mum, an art teacher from a High school in Edinburgh) came in and brought lots of interesting items with her. We had to use special paints and ink rollers and trays to create scenes of the river. The results were fabulous. What do you think?tmpphpgdx7gj.jpg  tmpphpnrm7ds.jpg

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21 thoughts on “Art Extravaganza!

  1. The art was very fun. The pictures turned out great. We got different colours of paint and rolled them all over our work to make it look like a river and sky. She handed out stencils of birds trees and suns
    (we had to use trees but the rest were optional) We all had a good time and thank you Mrs. Watson for giving up your time.

  2. I really enjoyed the art. I got paint all over my clothes but the pictures looked great! I liked using the prints because they were much easier and gave a much better effect than a paint brush. Thankyou Mrs Watson for coming in and teaching us!!!

  3. The art was amazing!! I really enjoyed using the rollers. We had to get a sheet of paper and squeeze different coloured paints on to different pallets. We then had to roll them out inside the pallets. Then we rolled out the colours on to our paper with blue at the bottom for a river as we are learning about rivers at school and then pinks and reds for the sky at the top for a kind of a sunset. We then got handed out trees and birds, suns too. Finally we had to paint over the shapes and press them down onto our paper. They all got left out to dry and are lookin great!
    Thanks Mrs Watson!!

  4. Well done 7D on some really great prints!
    I have to say i have taught this lesson at firrhill high in Edinburgh with S1 and their prints were no way as good & exciting as yours.
    You all worked hard and gave 100% effort.What willing helpers too!
    -carrying my heavy equipment back to my car,washing up the rollers and trays and all cleaning up your classroom at the end of the art session.I was impressed,and i hope to meet you all again sometime soon!
    p.sHope all the inky marks washed out of your sweatshirts!

  5. I really enjoyed the art that Mrs Watson taught us. It was really fun, I especially liked using the mini rollers they were really cool! Thanks Mrs Watson!!!

  6. My mum came in to my class to teach us art!
    When she first came in I felt embarressed it was very funny how my mum was teaching me but in the end it was FAB!!
    Thanks mumma!!:D

  7. I really enjoyed doing the artwork with Mrs Watson, it was really fun using all the equiptment like printing rollars and polostyrene prints to make great shapes on our painted peices of paper because it made a really good affect instead of just painting shapes on!

    thanks Mrs Watson!! 😀

  8. I loved doing the artwork with Katies mum !! We used printing rollars to do the colours in the background and then used a polostyrene print to make the trees and other shapes !! I think using the rollars with the coloured ink make a really good effect.

    Thank you Mrs Watson !!

  9. Yesterday Mrs Watson came in to do an art lesson with us she brought lots of rollers and paints. First we had to roll out squiggly lines to make the river,mountains and the sky. Then we got these cardboard shaped into moon, birds and trees. We had to paint over them, stick them on the sheet and peel them off. This creates a good affect. I enjoyed the art very much because it was very interesting and looked brilliant.

  10. On Monday morning Mrs Watson came into 7D and the class did some art!! it was really cool because it was really wiggley and colourful!!! I really enjoyed doing the art because we got to use coloured inks and rollers and it made really cool shapes!!!!



  11. I liked the river art we did yestarday. we got to use paint roller’s and different coulerd paint’s . but my one wasn’t very good but the colours didn’t really show up on the paper.

  12. I liked the river art because we got to use rolling things that painters use. We used different colours to cover the piece of paper but mine wasn t that good because i didn t really cover the paper that well and one of the trees on the picture didn t print out that well.

  13. It was really fun but also hard. We only used rollers and polystyrene prints.
    We had printing ink on the roller pad, to put on our picture.
    We rolled on lots of different colours in swerves until it covered the page.
    Then we did the polystyrene shapes they worked very well I had a moon and a tree.
    My picture wasn’t great but the ones that were good at art were great.

  14. It was amazing! I like doing art but the only problem is I am not that good at it.That was quite easy to do and it was brilliant fun! Mine was ok I guess , it wasent the best. I had to do star a second one
    because I wrecked my first one. 😀

  15. We did art with katie Watsons mum we used rollers and colourful paint. I enjoyed it alot we used polystyrene trees as prints my first print was purple but it did’nt work so i went over the top of it in dark green. We used a load of differnt colours. It took a while but it was fun.

  16. I really liked the art yesterday because I was really interesting and we learned new way’s to make art. We had to use special paints and ink rollers and trays to make the picture. Mine went ok but I nearly ripped my polystyrene print. I am really glad she came in and i hope to do it again.

  17. Yesterday Mrs Watson came in and brought in lots of colours for us to use. Then we had to roll out the paint using ink rollers on a tray. Then we got the roller that was on the tray and then do a curveyline on the sugar paper. We made a sky, mountains and a river or loch. We got different shapes they were birds, moons and trees which were all polystyrene prints where we put a colour on one side then put it on the paper and used aplain roller to press down on the shape. Here are some of the colours were red, blue, light blue, a paler blue and acouple of greens. I enjoyed doing the art work because it was different than we normally do.

  18. Yesterday we had a very good art teacher in called Mrs Watson. We had A3 sugar paper, big painting rollers, printing Ink in all sorts of colours. Basically we had to cover all of our paper in any colour we liked. Then we got to use polystyrene prints in the shape of a tree, bird or a tree, then we put them on the drying rack to dry.IT WAS GREAT

  19. I liked the art yesterday because I had never done that type of art before. We used special paints and ink rollers and trays to roll the paint on. We were making the scene of a river and we used lots of colours and we used polystyrene tree prints and also fish, moon and bird prints. I enjoyed it and it was a good example of High School art.

  20. Yesterday Mrs Watson came in to do some artwork. She was so good at it. She said that mine was very good. We had to get rollers and over lap the paints. It was very hard and tiring and I used a lot of hard work. I was very surprised about that because normally I am really bad at art and I had a broken arm so I thought I would be terrible!!!

    😀 😀 🙂 🙂

  21. I really enjoyed the art we did and Mrs Watson taught us in a really fun way. We used printing ink which was mixed into really bright colours. We also used rollers and cut outs of birds, suns and trees. The aim was to create a picture of a river landscape using rollers. We had to dip the rollers in the ink and roll one wiggly line right across the page. Each time we did a different colour and slowly the landscape built up. When we had completely covered the sheet we printed some trees, suns and maybe even some birds.

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