Primary 7c- 10 years from now

Continuing our focus on how our interests and learning today can impact on our future decisions and choices Primary 7c offer a glimpse of a day in their future lives, either 10 or 20 years from now, through their imagined personal responses. The pupils chose the career/future they would like and researched what steps they would take to achieve this dream. Different ideas included undertaking apprenticeships, working up from the bottom of a company, attending colleges or universities, getting experience now through summer schools or placements, work experience with family members or friends of their family, government training schemes to setting up their own business and even emigrating abroad!

Primary 7c, copy and paste your completed future me piece of writing into the comments section below. Remember to include your name!

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    10 years from now I will be a famous horse rider that will be riding at horse of the year show and at the Olympics. I will have 1 child and have a nice husband I will also live in England and I will go on lots of holidays and have dogs and horses to. I will have a big big house and might live on a farm I would like to look like the same as I do now but would like to have VERY VERY long hair.

  2. 10 years from now:
    I woke up and got ready for a day’s work in my restaurant. I woke up at 6 so that I can get all the food prepared for breakfast and chop the vegetable for the day. As I drive to the restaurant I drop of my two children of at their nursery around the corner. My restaurant is in Edinburgh so it takes a bit to drive their restaurant opens at 8am sharp and I arrive half past 7.
    All my workers were already there getting ready for the busy day and it was a busy day I leave work at 3pm but the restaurant closes at 10pm. On my way home I pick up my children from nursery.

  3. So I wake up see the sun rising through my purple stripy curtains and see my fiancé Aiden O’Connell making me some tea with toast for my breakfast. I get up put my dressing gown on and open the curtains to see the glistening blue water filled with fish and Sydney opera house looking stunning. Then pop my glasses on and look at myself in the mirror.I have brown hair , blue eyes and even more stylish glasses the now and obviously more grown up.Then I quickly get up then have my breakfast and go to school oh and I also get changed out of my pyjamas and Im a teacher !!!!

  4. Ten years from now…
    I worriedly yanked on my embroidered shorts and short sleeved indigo t-shirt and peered anxiously over at my sister. The sticky, humid hut we were staying in was hardly the height of luxury. I stumbled over to her and shook her shoulder impatiently but she murmurs in her sleep and pushes me away. I push open the musty door to get some fresh air and trip on to the ragged and dirty pavement. I was still adjusting to the inspiring but heart-breaking two weeks of staying in India. An Indian child approaches me cautiously, cupping her hands together. She has beautiful fiery amber coloured eyes but has sooty brown hair straggling to a clump around her shoulders and looks very hungry and very tired, wearing a scruffy rag as clothes. I give her a small amount of change and she smiles at me graciously and limps of. I knew my job as a journalist I had to do something.

  5. Urgh! Waking up at 7.00 is not luxury! I thought being an adult and all that would be peace. Errr NO WAY! I woke up cos Ashley was screaming his head off. He’d had another nightmare- the same thing. He woke up Emily and she was not impressed so she started whining too. Adam was looking in the mirror fixing his tie, I gave him his RBS badge and he left. I got up and Ashley had got dressed with his favourite jumper saying Burniston nursery. I got him some corn flakes and went to get Emily out off her cot. She could now crawl but wasn’t able to get out of her cot. Aidan was following me everywhere wanting his food “I’ll give your food and walk after breakfast.” Aidan was also barking for part of the night. At about 9.00 when everyone was sorted.( Ashley at nursery, Emily at her child-minders. ) I went to get in the car. I drove to the marine sanctuary and helped jerry the turtle. I work at Clearwater marine sanctuary and I am a dolphin specialist even though I help out with the turtles now and again.

  6. When I am 21 I would love to be living in a house right next to the beach. I would be studying to be an interior designer. There would be other students living in the house as well. I would go swimming every day in the sea and have 2 dogs and a cat. Once I had finished studying I would move into a big house in Australia and have a family.

  7. In 10 year’s time I will be an author of bestselling books and an artist of some great paintings!

  8. Ten years from now
    I want to be in an architecture college in California and live in a huge house with Elliot Kristian and ramsay yay.

  9. Ten years from now by Chantelle
    When I am 21, I am going to live in Australia to be a chef. I am going to work in a restaurant.

  10. I wake up and I see the sun shining down on the rippling water below. I got out of bed and dragged on some jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie glancing back at my husband lying sound asleep in the bed. I then walked across the landing and glanced in at my children’s rooms, Kate and Kevin still lying fast asleep with no sign of waking up. I walked down stairs and shovelled some cereal down my throat ready for another day of planning the interior design for that awful couple’s house. They have no taste whatsoever! All the time they just nag and nag, sometimes I hate my work.
    After a long day I have finally finished the design. I go and get some supper and then roll into bed ready for the next day……..

  11. 20 years on

    20 years on and my life is so good and I am living the dream in California. I am working for Apple and I got an award for designing the best Apple product ever- the imat which is a carpet but it is touchscreen and Apple made millions out of it.
    I am married to someone who I met at a young age and we got married when we were older and we have two nice children, a boy and a girl. Our house is a beach house and it was designed by an architect called Finn Gregory who I knew from school and we have a big pool in the back garden with the water coming from a waterfall on our roof and a slide into the pool from the house.
    When I go to work I go in my Bugatti Veyron and the other cars I have are a Land Rover Defender, an Audi R8 Spyder, a Mini clubmin and a limited edition motor bike from the movie Tron Legacy and a snow mobile. My best friend is Dr Dre and I have been helping him design new beats headphones and laptops and Apple signed a deal with Dr Dre that employees that work for apple would help develop beats.

    By Ross P7C

  12. Fifteen years from now…In 15 years I would like to be a head chef in Italy
    Pisa with the classic food tralipatinia.

  13. In ten years from now i would quitee like to be in a performing arts school in America but i have to get good marks in my exams in high school first !

  14. 20 Years in the future….. by Samantha
    I slapped my alarm quiet and trailed out of bed to get a bowl of corn flakes. I saw my touch screen laptop sleeping having a hibernate. I had been up all night writing my weekly Column in the Inverrarie newspaper. My round, fat tummy was being kicked about with the baby inside and the Engagement ring on my finger was making me itch rapidly- was I allergic to gold or something?
    I dressed myself in my lab coat and got my car keys. I printed the newspaper and went to my indigo blue Porsh. I drove off to the publishers and posted it through the post box. I then wandered off to work in my aqua pumps and got to the marine biology section.

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