World Book Day- Our favourite books

As part of our school-wide celebration of World Book Day this Thursday, Primary 7c have been thinking about their favourite book, or a book that is special to them, in order to share this with their buddy in P1/2. Their paired reading buddy has also chosen their favourite book to share with us as well.

Please add a comment describing your favourite book, the author, the reasons for your choice, a brief synopsis of the story (no spoilers please!) and why you would recommend it to others to read. Hopefully we should all be encouraged to discover another great book through each other’s suggestions!

When you are finished, have a look at the offical World Book Day site which includes information on the special books available in exchange for your £1 voucher, games based on the books, trailers and videos with some of your favourite authors:

17 thoughts on “World Book Day- Our favourite books

  1. my favourite book is hitlers canary because it is a touching and adventurous book and has a very good ww2 feeling

  2. My favourite book is Mist by Kathryn James! Its about a girl that goes into the dangorus forrest and into the mist with a boy , Evan , who comes from the mist to save Nikki’s (the main character) sister!

  3. my favourite book is diary of a wimpy kid cabin feaver by jeff kinney it is the best book ever

  4. My favourite books are Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Toilken,Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian,Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and tons more because I love books.

  5. my favorite book is Mist by catherine jane because its a page turner and i think its really serious and you want to read and read it <3 it .

  6. my favourite book is hustles histles happy and sad endings and my favourite author is Keren Mc’ombie

  7. My favourite book is My sister Jodie by Jaqueline Wilson because it was a great pageturner and it was very exciting.

  8. I like lots of books and different authors but i love the book i am reading right now it’s called i’t tell you i love you but then i’d have to kill you !

  9. my fave book is loord of the rings series or the hobbit and my fave author is J R R TOLKIEN he is epic!!!!!! :3

  10. My favourite book is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams beause I really liked the story line and the author is good and the writing is a good size in the book.

    By Ross P7C

  11. My favorioute athor is Jacqueline Wilson because I like her style of writting and her books. My favourite book is The Worst Thing About My Sister by Jacqueline Wilson and which is about Martina and her sister Melissa.

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