Troy Story Hits the Stage!

We have been rehearsing for our primary seven musical, Troy Story. Everyone is nervous about our first performance. We have been rehearsing for ages and we are almost perfect now. When we are rehearsing we did it scene by scene and if you weren’t needed in the hall you got to help paint the back-drop or make props so even if you didn’t get a part you still had lots of fun. Every so often we run through the whole thing and the teachers say it is really coming together but we still need to be LOUD! We are having loads of fun and we hope you like our musical.    Emily, 7B


3 thoughts on “Troy Story Hits the Stage!

  1. As someone who was lucky enough to attend two of the final rehearsals before the premiere tonight, I can say with all honesty that I loved the musical Emily. All the P7s (and their teachers!) have worked very hard to produce something so polished and funny! Good luck tonight and tomorrow night- I am sure all your parents and carers will be very proud of you!

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