Day 1 at Loch Insh!!!!

After waving off all our loved ones in the turning circle we have had a fantastic journey up to Loch Insh. We were all kept busy chatting and singing. As we travelled north we discovered snow…and more snow… and more snow. Fortunately were thrilled to find NO snow at Loch Insh – yeah! Mrs Barbour was particularly thrilled as she had discovered that she had packed two right-handed gloves; hopefully we will discover someone with two lefties!
Everyone was very excited to arrive and it was a quick turn around as we guzzled our lunch, emptied the entire contents of our bags onto our dorm floor and out for our first activities. This afternoon the groups took part in canoeing, archery, biking, skiing and a trip on the tour boat. Only one person ended up in the Loch as they needed to retrieve their oar…we’ve heard that one before Angus! Dinner has just finished with the afternoon’s activities causing everyone to pile their plates high. Fully fed and watered all of the groups are currently taking part in an evening activity. No doubt everyone will be in their pyjamas and in bed sleeping happily by eight…..mmm… let’s see.
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Daily reports to follow but so far all is well and everyone is happy.
Miss Brodie

26 thoughts on “Day 1 at Loch Insh!!!!

  1. Hi Mrs Penman a.k.a. mum hope you are having a good time, we are sort of surviving here without you. We are missing you lots see you on friday! 🙂 Luv Alis x

    P.S Amy F wasn’t the same without you at zittos tonight 🙁 x

  2. Katie w mum – 18th April glad you all got there safe – hope you are all having fab time ! Looks great fun – we are all missing you loads and can’t wait to here all about it mum xxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Robbie – hope you are having a great time! Its very quiet here without you. kirsten and Cara are enjoying playing on your wii…but definately missing you (ish!)
    Have you found Kirsten’s croc in the lake yet?
    lol abc gtg xx

  4. Well hope you are all having a great time not too wet from rain or loch dunks. How’s the Osprey? any chicks?

  5. Hi Megan – it’s Mum. Hope the sun is shining for you all today and that you are enjoying all the activities. Can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. House is way to quiet for Dad and I!! Love and miss you loads.

    Mum, Dad and Missy xxxxx

    P.S: Missy brought Dad and I a present last night – the wee furry four-legged kind!!!! I think she’s missing you. 🙂 x

  6. Hi Morven – looking good and colourful on your cycle run. Hope you having a blast. Missing you lots.
    Mum, Dad, Jampot, Artie and Barley xxxxxx

  7. Eilidh, great archery technique. 🙂

    Jamie and Rosie are missing you ….. NOT! But we are missing you big time.

    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Lots of love, M&D xxx

  8. Take lots of photos for me with the waterproof camera. Love you Alex
    PS I trod on JJs tail

  9. Hi Alex!
    Hope you’re having a great time! It sounds really good fun. Hope you get some sunny weather 🙂
    Mum, Dad and Emily

  10. North Berwick seems a lot quieter without all it’s P7s! Bet you are missing us a lot less than we miss you. Your first day sounds like a lot of fun. Have a brilliant time and we will look forward to hearing all about it later. Sweet dreams!

  11. Hi Abbie. Glad to hear you arrived safe. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Can’t wait to hear about everything when you get home. Remember to take lots of photos. Buster has not been on the beanbag. Roxy eating. Cocacola crawling!!! Have a great time. Love you xxxxxx

  12. Hope ur having a blast bash cant wait to hear all about it’s when u get home
    Love Mum Dad and Bryce xxxxx

  13. Hi Jyoti looks like you have been doing lots of fun things already and it’s only the first day. I have moved all your teddies to my bedroom to look after them ! Hope you don’t fall in the lake. Remember to take lots of photos and bring me a stick of rock. Love wee John xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hi Euan!!! Glad to hear u arrived safe and well and enjoyed your 1st day!!! Dad been busy painting your bedroom for your return on Friday!!! I hope the red, white and blue is to your liking!!!! Your Birthday presents are mounting up!! Love you lots Mum, Dad and Hannah xxxx

  15. hey, glad you all arrived safely:)! missing you already, but I’m sure your enjoying yourself! Its very quiet at home without you, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet! By the way, thank you very much for making me late for walking with Rebekah and Alison, fortunately they didn’t seem to mind:)! Hope its not too chilly (like in the pictures), been nice and sunny here, maybe its because the P7’s have left! Will miss you on my birthday but have a great time and say hey to everyone!
    Mum, Dad and Sandy are missing you and say hi!
    Can’t wait to see you on Friday, have fun:)!

  16. Hi Martha,
    Flora here. Glad to hear you arrived in one piece. Looks like you have had a busy day. The pictures brought back happy memories. Make the most of every minute.
    Lots of Love from us all xxxxxxx

  17. hi hope you enjoyed your trip and got there safely , mum was going to cry when she discovered somthing she forgot to put in your lunchbox.Bet youl be sad when you get home cos you will of had loads of fun ps did any one throw up on the bus? xox

  18. Hope you are having fun. We are enjoying the unusual peace here! Dad has discovered we have an Xbox and Jodie is getting all of Max, Jazzmine and Treacles cuddles.
    Love you xox

  19. Hi Megz – it looks like you’ve all had good fun on your first day. It looks amazing and glad to see you all got there ok. Dad and I are missing you loads (so is Missy!!) Have lots of fun and take loads of pics please.

    Lots of love and hugs Mum, Dad and Missy xxxx

  20. Hi Christopher
    Looks like you are all having a great time. Rebecca and i will be wishing the sun shines for you tomorrow ( well i am).

    love Mum and Rebecca XXX

  21. Looks amazing, we’re having fun too going to school. Alice really misses you, Tommy. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  22. Nina hope the adventure is going great – Enjoy
    MDL & Haggis

  23. So glad that you have all arrived safely and are enjoying yourselves. School is very quiet without you all!
    Make the most of your trip and remember it will probably be one of the memories you will always associate with your time at Law Primary School long after you reach adulthood.
    Oh, and try not to fall in the loch too often… and look after your teachers!

  24. Mum , Matt and Jinx hoping you are having fun and wishing we were there too! Lots of love and cuddles xxxxxxxxxxx

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