P7 Coasteering

Over 3 separate days in September and October most of P7 went Coasteering with our Outdoor Education specialist, Martyn Pegg.

Read what some of us had to say:

I really enjoyed the coasteering because I love the water and the jumping off rocks was really fun. It was an all-around good experience.    Sam F

I thought coasteering so much fun we had to jump into rock pools, swim down a long thin channel and swim under a rock arch way. Before I did coasteering, I was really nervous and didn’t want to do it but then I did it and I loved it I would definitely do it again.     Fiona

It was one of the best experiences of my life so far! Everyone in my group had fun and it was great to experience the life of sea creatures and how they survive.     Heather

I really enjoyed coasteering it was one of the  best things I’ve done. I would love to do it again it was really fun.    Jack R

It was a VERY fun activity because you had to think at all times for different routes in case one was too dangerous.   Jedd

I found the coasteering really fun it was cool jumping into the water in both ways and I wish I could do it again. Coasteering was the best trip yet and I really enjoyed it.   Peter

Coasteering was extremely fun! We learnt how certain animals live in those conditions on the rocks. It is really slippery at parts but the whole group enjoyed it immensely. The hardest part was putting on the wetsuits and taking them off. It was the greatest experience.    Sarah

Coasteering was the best trip I’ve done so far. All though it was raining I still loved it.    Scott B