Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook

P7 entertained the whole school and their parents last week with their production of Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook.

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  1. It was a brilliant performance, we all loved it, well done to everyone involved. My favourtie song was Turn those bliinking lights out !!

  2. Primary 7 at Law Primary School worked their socks off at perfecting this theatrical musical, it contains: a few sad scenes (bound to make you sympathize) ; and many highly entertaining, funny scenes.
    Alex A.B

  3. When Edith Coleman is moving house a removal man finds her wartime scrapbook. Then they look through all the pictures and the stage comes to life, weaving together a moving wartime tale. It talks about the home front and the frontline.

  4. For the performance was: fantastic, pitch perfect, full of expression and in harmony. I think the music was great, because they had a good beat so you could get them into your head, I was singing them all the way home.

  5. My favourite part was when the Home Guards came on. They were a bunch of old men who were not sent off to fight. But to stay home and protect their country from Hitler invading. I also liked the woman at war scene, as the women were also not sent to fight. They worked in the factories and laboured on the land.

  6. When Edith Coleman is moving out of her home that she grew up in what can you do but shed a tear? Law Primary School’s Primary 7s (the best year by far) musical is a classic, heart-warming adventure into the past life in World War 2 and what Edith Coleman went through. From start to finish it was a WONDERFUL production. The whole team took lots of effort to make it shine. Not only was the acting spot on, to top it all off every scene had a catchy, rhythmic song! The make-up everyone wore was just great too!!! You will laugh with granny and her soup and cry with their heart-warming songs and stories! The fabulous acting was starred by: Emily Blyth who played Edith Coleman; Jedd Rixon-Gibb who played removal 2 and Georgie Douglas who played removal 1.

  7. Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook is an amazing musical. The singing is AMAZING and the acting is UNBELIEVABLE! A must see musical! The costumes look VERY authentic! The musical is about the war and what happened during World War 2.
    From evacuation to VE day, it was a magical experience. Sidney’s Solo Was Fantabulous and the evacuee’s duet was fantastic as well!
    A must see musical and money well spent!

  8. Edith’s wartime scrapbook was awesomely brilliant. It came out in 2014. The best characters were: Home guard 3; Home guard 5 and evacuee 1. The Home guard scene was comic genius with the angry wife.

  9. Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook is an exciting, funny and at some points sad, new musical produced by primary 7 at Law Primary school in North Berwick.
    After more than 80 years of living in the same house, Edith Coleman is about to move house when a removal man finds the scrapbook that Edith had made during World War 2.

  10. In the primary 7 musical- Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook I saw (and heard) a variety of humour, sadness and expression. It had catchy songs that were sung loud and clear. Something I could watch over and over. It is about an old woman called Edith Coleman: played by Emily who is accompanied by two removal people: Jedd and Georgie who are helping her move house. They have a nice time listening to Edith’s stories and looking back on her memories that were acted out on the stage. It was a great story with education and fun. I would give this musical 5 stars.

  11. The primary 7s of Law primary pulled together the musical Edith’s wartime scrapbook. Starring Emily Blyth (old Edith); Georgie Douglas (removal van woman 1); Jedd Rixon Gibb (removal van man 2); Jasmin Bouverie (young Edith); Andrina Sinclair (Alice Coleman); Andrew Entwistle (Fred Coleman); Sam Edwards (Sidney Coleman); Sarah Potter (Mrs Coleman); Ronan Glazik (Mr Coleman) and Mia Ferguson (Granny).
    Old Edith is moving house when she finds a scrapbook she made during world war two. She reflects back on what happened and told the removal man and woman the story.

  12. This breath-taking experience; Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook is about an old woman (Edith) who is moving from her beloved old house; during this time she tells two removal men played by (Georgie Douglas and Jedd Rixon Gibb)about her wartime experience as a little girl after removal 2 (Jedd Rixon Gibb) finds her long lost scrapbook.

  13. Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook was Law’s 2014 P7 musical. It was set in present times but had lots of flashbacks to the time of world war 2. It gave you facts as well as entertaining you at the same time. It was a great mixture of sad, funny, happy and heart-warming scenes.

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