WWII Prior Knowledge and Key Questions

P7a have begun to think about their new Social Studies topic, the Second World War. As always when collaboratively planning a topic, it is important to establish what knowledge and understanding the pupils already possess and also in what direction they would like to take their learning. This helps inform the topic structure and allows the pupils more ownership and thus take more from their topic.

P7a, please post a comment sharing one piece of prior knowledge and one question that you would like to find the answer to during our topic. Please remember to include your name.

P7a ICT Code of Conduct

Today Primary 7a have been thinking about their use of information technology, especially the Internet. We discussed why and how we use it as well as highlighting the benefits and issues that may arise when using it. We all believe that the Internet is a positive tool to enhance our learning but that we need to be careful to use it intelligently in order to get the best results from it as well keep us safe. Please have a look in the comments where P7a will be posting some of their rules and tips we have agreed to use when we use the Internet:

P7 Transfer Ceremony

P7 Transfer Ceremony on PhotoPeach 

Tonight was our traditional Primary 7 Transfer Ceremony. All the pupils looked incredibly smart in their shirt and ties as they filed in to take their seats at the front of the hall. Mr Barnes began by speaking about seven Olympic values and how the current year group had embodied these values. Miss Skinner, Mrs Macniven and Mr Barnes presented the books to each of the pupils. The Primary 7 choir gave a moving Proclaimers medley while several pupils told of their memories of Mr Barnes. A highlight of the evening was some of the comments by made the Primary 1 buddies about their perceptions of the Primary 7s- whether girls or boys made the best paired readers, whether if was worth going to Loch Insh if there was a possibility you could fall off the bus and whether all the fun trips in primary 7 made up for the fact that they did not get to use the Playbase! Next was the vote of thanks from the Primary 7s, acknowledging all the people who help them on a daily basis. Afterwards Mr Sutherland spoke about his expectations and hopes for the next part of their educational journey. Finally while the parents were invited to have tea and coffee in the dining room, the Primary 7s escaped to their area to have a well deserved treat and examine their new books!

Well done Primary 7- I know all your teachers are very proud of you and wish you every success as you move forward to the HIgh School (seven weeks tomorrow as Mr Sutherland reminded you!).


Unfortunately we have to announce the cancellation of the P4-7 Sports today, Friday 15 June.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this will cause. It will now take place on Monday 25th June at 1.15pm, weather permitting.