Musical Madness

The end of a fantastic term has finally arrived. We have discussed the issues found within Scotland Today, we have explored the Five Pillars of Islam, we have visited the Scottish Parliament and last but not least – we have created and performed our P7 Musical; the extraordinary `Troy Story’. It was a fantastic experience for us all. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.

Have a great holiday, Miss Brodie

Troy Story on PhotoPeach

Troy Story review

TROY STORY review.
Troy Story is an astounding musical based on the famous story of the Trojan horse and is guaranteed to shock, tickle and amaze the audience lucky enough to see it. Featuring amazing artwork crafted by P7, brilliant songs and an all-star cast featuring Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta; this is not a musical to miss.
Arthur 7B

Troy Story Hits the Stage!

We have been rehearsing for our primary seven musical, Troy Story. Everyone is nervous about our first performance. We have been rehearsing for ages and we are almost perfect now. When we are rehearsing we did it scene by scene and if you weren’t needed in the hall you got to help paint the back-drop or make props so even if you didn’t get a part you still had lots of fun. Every so often we run through the whole thing and the teachers say it is really coming together but we still need to be LOUD! We are having loads of fun and we hope you like our musical.    Emily, 7B


Our Fairtrade Pledges

As part of our Fairtrade Fortnight, every class in the school is trying to take a step for Fairtrade by making a pledge to do, try, change or make something different about their daily lives.

Some ideas for pledges are that you will:

·  Attend a Fairtrade event

·  Learn about Fairtrade at school

·  Walk, cycle or ‘journey’ for Fairtrade

·  Try a Fairtrade product

·  Visit our stall Earth Matters or any shop that sells FT

·  Take part in a Fairtrade fashion show

More information about our focus this year can be found on .

Primary 7- Please leave a comment explaining your pledge this year.

World Book Day- Our favourite books

As part of our school-wide celebration of World Book Day this Thursday, Primary 7c have been thinking about their favourite book, or a book that is special to them, in order to share this with their buddy in P1/2. Their paired reading buddy has also chosen their favourite book to share with us as well.

Please add a comment describing your favourite book, the author, the reasons for your choice, a brief synopsis of the story (no spoilers please!) and why you would recommend it to others to read. Hopefully we should all be encouraged to discover another great book through each other’s suggestions!

When you are finished, have a look at the offical World Book Day site which includes information on the special books available in exchange for your £1 voucher, games based on the books, trailers and videos with some of your favourite authors:

Primary 7c- 10 years from now

Continuing our focus on how our interests and learning today can impact on our future decisions and choices Primary 7c offer a glimpse of a day in their future lives, either 10 or 20 years from now, through their imagined personal responses. The pupils chose the career/future they would like and researched what steps they would take to achieve this dream. Different ideas included undertaking apprenticeships, working up from the bottom of a company, attending colleges or universities, getting experience now through summer schools or placements, work experience with family members or friends of their family, government training schemes to setting up their own business and even emigrating abroad!

Primary 7c, copy and paste your completed future me piece of writing into the comments section below. Remember to include your name!

North Berwick’s Got Talent- Musical Auditions underway…

Yesterday, Primary 7 began the first round of auditions for the musical. Today, we will continue the acting auditions as well as our first auditions for the key singing roles in the show. Good luck everyone!

Primary 7, here are some questions for you to think about and answer in the comments-

What role have you auditioned for already or would like to audition for?

Have you enjoyed the audition process or does it make you nervous?

In your opinion, whose audition has been the best so far and why?

Do you think auditions are the best way to select the roles? If not, what would be your alternative suggestion?

P7c plan for the future..

Just like  p7b, P7c have been thinking about what we want to be when we’re all older. Just before half-term in circle time we discussed what you’re like now and what you want your future to be like once your older.
For example some people were talking about what kind of house they would like or a car for yourself, however some people were talking about a family. Later on,  we looked on the laptops and looked into future jobs or career. Some people wanted to work with animals, write, work in architecture, be a professional football player or hairdresser. We all thought about what we would look like in 10 or 20 years, how old we would all be and our family and friends ages too. We talked about our dreams for the future and some of us wanted to grow our hair or some wanted to help more. We wrote an imagined personal response imagining a day in our life 10 or 20 years from now.

Please leave a comment answering the following questions:

What do you think you would like to look like when your older?

What would you like to do when you are older?

What is the best thing about your life now?

What has been your highlight of P7 so far?

What are you most looking forward to in the rest of the year?

Getting ready for auditions!!!

Hopefully you are enjoying the first day of your holidays.  It has been a hectic term filled with visiting QC’s, radio show broadcasts, dancing robots and political debate; you all deserve a well earned rest.

When we return we will begin to prepare for our musical production, `Troy Story’.  For those of you who are intending to audition for one of the main parts you now have your script extracts to learn.  Anyone who is trying out for the roles of the Divas, Helen and Paris you will also need to do a singing audition.  To help you practise at home, here is a link to the composer’s website which has a number of sample songs on this page.
Troy Story song samples

Please remember that even if you are not auditioning for a part, everyone is expected to learn all of the song words.
Good luck, Miss Brodie