East Coast FM Quiz

Last night live at 6pm Caitlin, Nina, Katie and Lily broadcast a P7B show from the East Coast FM Haddington studios. The whole class had created a script, packed with local news, fabulous facts and fun items. Just in case you missed it there was a quiz which you can answer here on this site. The prize is a voucher for our local cafe, `Cake.’ If you are interested here are the questions and please post your answers below:
Question no. 1 How many events are there in the Olyimpic games ?????
Question no. 2 What word was missing from the Jessie J’s `Domino’ song played on last night’s show?
Question no. 3 This goes out to all those mathematical lovers, What is 7824 – 212 ????
Question no. 4 How do you spell the volcano that erupted in Iceland in 2010 ??? Eygasgallajokull ?
Question no. 5 Who invented the telephone ?

Remember please post your answers below to win the fabulous prize. Good luck!!

Scottish History

In P7B we have been learning about scottish history and about Bonnie prince Charlie and what he did in the past.
In drama we have been doing some acting about a battle that Bonnie Prince Charlie started at the end of drama we did a pretend battle.
In class we have been learning about Bonnie Prince Charlie’s journey.
We also have been learning about Mary Queen Of Scots.
We have also been learing about Robert the bruce.

Musical Mystery?

As the p7 musical is not far away Mrs Barbour has got the list down to two! wHAT DO YOU THINK IT WILL BE?

Some people think it might be about a rock star on a desert island and see how hard life is. For other people they are blank and confused!!

What do you think?

Thinking ahead

In p7b we have been thinking about what we want to be when we’re all older. On the 10th of January we did a piece of work to do with what you’re like now and what you want your future to be like once your older.
For example some people were talking about what kind of house they would like or a car for yourself, however some people were talking about a family. On the 11th on January we looked on the laptops and looked into future jobs or career. Some people wanted to work with animals, midwife, professional basketball player or hairdresser. We all thought about what we would look like in 10 or 20 years, how old we would all be and our family and friends ages too. We talked about our New year’s resolution and some of us wanted to grow our hair or some wanted to help more.

What do you think you would like to look like when your older?
Whats your New year’s resolution and why?

Good luck

All the best P7 for your Christmas fair tomorrow, I know that all of you will be busy baking tonight and wrapping lucky dip prizes. You have prepared some very exciting stalls that the rest of the school will love. I am sure that it will be a great success and you will raise the money require for your Loch Insh transport. Looking forward to it, Miss Brodie

Baking for the Christmas fair

Just a little reminder P7 that part of your homework this week is to prepare baking for Friday’s Christmas fair. Home baking is a very popular part the day as I am sure you will remember. Please remember please do not use any ingredients that contain nuts or kiwi fruit and it is really important that your baking is individually wrapped into portions. We are all looking forward to buying the results.

Christmas Origami

There will be a selection of Christmas origami decorations for sale made by P7. If you would like to make your own then here are a few links.
If not then some lovely examples will be for sale next Friday at a very reasonable price!
Click on the links below for further instructions:
Christmas Tree<a
Santa (On the same as the Christmas tree, scroll to bottom of page)

Christmas fair is coming

The Christmas crafts are being made, games are being prepared, the toys being gathered and the oven is on for our baking stall. The P7 Christmas Fair will be next Friday 2nd December and we invite all of the school to enjoy our festive celebration. The P7 yearstage has to work hard and we are hoping to raise as much money as possible for our transport to Loch Insh.
We are looking forward to seeing you all there.