We’ve arrived !!!

It was a blurry-eyed start to the morning with our departure at 8am; bit of a shock first day back.  We stopped at Kinross services with a short time for a toilet break (not even time for a sip of coffee, Mr Barnes!).  However, it was good to be on the road quickly so that we were ready for our first afternoon activity.
Once at Loch Insh we were greeted by Johnnie and we found out our afternoon activities.  Each of the groups was doing something different eg.  cycling, canoeing, sailing and I was with the Dolphins who were doing archery and did a tour of the Loch on a boat (which we were allowed to drive).   It was a very relaxing afternoon in the scorching sun; just lovely.  At the moment everyone is in the playpark as we are waiting for our barbecue dinner before our evening activity.  Naturally this will all completely tire us out so that we all fall asleep by 9pm – here’s hoping…..
Thanks for your comments, they will be passed on to the gang after dinner.

Miss Brodie

Art Extravaganza!

Yesterday Mrs Watson ( Katie` s mum, an art teacher from a High school in Edinburgh) came in and brought lots of interesting items with her. We had to use special paints and ink rollers and trays to create scenes of the river. The results were fabulous. What do you think?tmpphpgdx7gj.jpg  tmpphpnrm7ds.jpg

tmpphpoutqgt.jpg   tmpphpy3sec9.jpg tmpphpyurnba.jpg

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Science Sleuths

Primary 7 have been investigating how healthy drinks are and particulalry how much sugar they contain. Miss Nicolson came over from the High school again this week and brought all the necessary equipment with her.

 The pupils worked in groups testing milk, water, diet coke, normal coke and smoothie. Read on to find out what they did and what they found out……..

tmpphpdxhbcm.jpg tmpphpf0pcq7.jpg tmpphpfpbgts.jpg


Snow Falls on Last Day at Loch Insh

Hi everyone, well disco fever hit last night and a very exhausted P7 dragged themselves down for breakfast this morning! (Video footage of the antics will be added later!!) It is another white out this morning and we are all looking forward to our last activities. We plan to leave at 4 – 4.30pm and be home about 7.30pm. So see you all then.

P.S at 10.30am the sun was blazing down and it is gorgeous…