VE day Celebrations!

P7 pupils went back in time today and celebrated  VE Day to commemorate the end of their WW2 project. All staff and pupils dressed the part and brought in food of the time, made flags to wave, put up bunting, practised their dance moves by jiving, sang songs and listened to the memories of veteran visitors who had lived during WW2. Great fun was had by all!


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Final Curtain Falls!

Five performances later and a very proud and exhausted p7 pupils and staff come to the end of a hugely succesful musical. Well Done to all and especially all those behind the scenes who helped with lighting, staging, costumes, crowd control, art work and many other esential cogs that kept the wheels turning. What a team!

Slideshow by Finlay, Anya and Finn 7D

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Musical Mania hits P7!

Well it is that time of year again and this week has seen pupils in P7 acting and singing their hearts out. The successful cast members were announced today and all the hard work now commences.  Well done Primary 7 for all your effort in the auditions and Good Luck with your preparations and performances. 

 Share your experiences here and dates will be posted for the performances soon.

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