VE day Celebrations!

P7 pupils went back in time today and celebrated  VE Day to commemorate the end of their WW2 project. All staff and pupils dressed the part and brought in food of the time, made flags to wave, put up bunting, practised their dance moves by jiving, sang songs and listened to the memories of veteran visitors who had lived during WW2. Great fun was had by all!


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Final Curtain Falls!

Five performances later and a very proud and exhausted p7 pupils and staff come to the end of a hugely succesful musical. Well Done to all and especially all those behind the scenes who helped with lighting, staging, costumes, crowd control, art work and many other esential cogs that kept the wheels turning. What a team!

Slideshow by Finlay, Anya and Finn 7D

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Musical Mania hits P7!

Well it is that time of year again and this week has seen pupils in P7 acting and singing their hearts out. The successful cast members were announced today and all the hard work now commences.  Well done Primary 7 for all your effort in the auditions and Good Luck with your preparations and performances. 

 Share your experiences here and dates will be posted for the performances soon.

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What Talent!

X factor came to the Upper Area today. On Friday P7 had their annual Talent Show to celebrate all the skills and achievements of the pupils. Everyone had a wonderful time and were amazed by the variety of performances they saw which included:

Singing, choreographed dance routines, playing instruments – saxophone, piano and guitar. Demonstrations of football and martial arts skills. Comedy sketches which had everyone in stitches. Juggling and even someone performing on stilts!

The ” Ant and Dec” style comedy sketch won first prize, second was a piano playing marvel,  playing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer..twice!  and third equal,  were four dancers and two boys dressed as girls performing “Barbie Girl”.

Well Done to all the pupils who took part. You go P7!!

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P7 Xmas Fair – Friday 30th November

An important event is approaching as primary 7 pupils prepare for their forthcoming Christmas Fair. There will be the usual favourites – nail bar, games, toys and home baking but look out for some new activities this year. So bring along your pocket money and prepare to get in the Christmas spirit and have lots of fun! See you all soon.  
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P7 get in on the Transport Debate with MSP Visitors

ctmpphp19ibfy.jpgPrimary 7 have been working in focus groups researching information on the Edinburgh Transport Debate. They looked particularly at Trams, Buses, Greenways and Park and Ride, as well as proposals for a new Forth Road Bridge and the Congestion Charge.

They then fedback to their classes on these issues and put together a presentation of their findings, their own views and opinions and a list of questions they would like to discuss.

All P7 pupils also wrote a letter inviting their MSP into school to discuss current issues and to engage in a question time on his life as an MSP.

Today 19.11.07 they were visited by Iain gray MSP and Alaisdair Morgan MSP, who spent the whole morning visiting with all classes and engaging in discussion with them. It was a very informative visit indeed.

Pupils will now use the information and the outcome of the discussions to compile a Transport Report to Edinburgh City Council as part of the focus on writing for a real life and relevant  purpose.


Edinburgh String Quartet Extravaganza!

Last week began with quite a bang, clang and ching on the 5th of November as all P7 classes spent a whole day in the company of Kenneth Dempster  the composer and the very distinguished Edinburgh String Quartet.tmpphp6uf8×5.jpg

Gerorge Mackay Brown`s poem “The Reel of the Seven Fisherman” was used as a stimulus and the children used a multitude of instruments to create an original piece of music which was then performed to other classes in the school at the end of each day.  9here are the words of the poem – a-reel-of-seven-fisherman.docThe music “The Cold dancer” was used as a starting point for the pupils` own creative musical exploration of sounds.tmpphpfraphj.jpg

The String Quartet worked alongside each class in the planning and exploration stage which was facilitated and conducted by Kenneth. The children had to really focus, watch and listen in order to contribute effectively to the “orchestra”. Sound effects using clapping and stamping were also used to bring the story of the poem alive.

Quite literally the experience of a lifetime. A fabulous time was had by all and the pupils` of P7 would like to send out a huge big thanks to Kenneth and the wonderfully talented members of the quartet! Great memories to cherish…..

Are you sitting comfortably? Listen to our podcast,  have a look at the slideshow and check out the movie…….

Listen to our podcast    7bs-string-quartet-performance-final-version.mp3

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Welly Antics Continue!

On Tuesday we had a whole school assembly over at the sports centre. All the pupils councillors had to feedback on what all classes had been up to in the name of fundraising.

Primary 7 wore their wellies and we had a fashion parade. Those who had really tried to customise their wellies received certificates. Here they are:

tmpphp7amcjg.jpg     tmpphpb861af.jpg