`Leg of Lamb’ by Roald Dahl

Set 1 – reading homework. Today we have been reading Roald Dahl’s famous short story `Leg of Lamb’, or it is also known as `Lamb to the Slaughter’. Below is a link to the story if you would like to remind yourself of it.
For homework please post a comment that answers this question: –
`Do you think that Mary Maloney is a victim or a villan?’ Explain your answer with examples from the text.

Leg of Lamb text

National Poetry Day

The stuff dreams are made of:

Today is official National poetry day, click on the link to find out more. We have been using our creative juices to come up with inspirational poems.

In P7D we tried to use similies, metaphors and personification techniques in our poems. Here they are. What do you think? (click on the heading to go to the comments page where the poems are written)