Science Sleuths

Primary 7 have been investigating how healthy drinks are and particulalry how much sugar they contain. Miss Nicolson came over from the High school again this week and brought all the necessary equipment with her.

 The pupils worked in groups testing milk, water, diet coke, normal coke and smoothie. Read on to find out what they did and what they found out……..

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P7 Explore Outer Space

Last week P7 did a mini topic on Space and were involved in the following activities:


  • Space Experiments exploring gravity, weightlessness, mass, weight , days, months and season.
  • Space Powerpoints on Stars, galaxies, Black Holes, the Big Bang theory and the Universe – Learning with and from each other. A selection will be posted here for you to share.
  • Researching Space Exploration and creating a timeline of key events.
  • Discussing and debating big issues using concept cartoons.
  • They also worked in groups to complete a newspaper challenge in which they had to plan and design a costume or model with a space theme,  using only newspaper and cellotape. Lots of imagination and creativity were required and the results were “out of this world!” A slideshow will be created and posted here soon. [bubbleshare 303974.6f7d5c176c2]
  • The end of the week was marked by a visit from “Starlab”,  a mobile planetarium from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh in which star gazing was the theme.

What did you think Primary 7?

Are you a Science Sleuth?

sherlocksmall.gifNext week Miss Nicolson from the High school Physics department will be coming in to work with primary 7. She will be doing two experiments using the following equipment:ist2_1001634_british_copper_coins_isolated.jpg   bananaberrysmoothie.jpg    balloons.gif

Empty juice bottle, copper coin, smoothie juice, diet coke and ordinary coke, yeast and balloons. 

We will be looking at how healthy these drinks are. Can you predict and make suggestions about what exactly we will be doing with this equipment and why?

Miss Nicolson came in and worked with the first class. Prizes were handed out to those who had predicted correctly…watch this space.

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