Last day at Loch Insh

The weather this morning is fantastic – blue skies and calm, although still not very warm.  The loch is like a millpond so lucky we are not sailing this morning.  The only group on the water are canoeing, but they will be able to explore a bit more of the loch and go on a bit of a journey towards the end of their session as it is so still.  Yesterday the waves made the kayaking and canoeing very challenging.

The disco night last was awesome with everyone in their disco gear and some cool moves on the dance floor!  The disco was organised by the instructors and there was an impromptu limbo contest.  After the disco all the children were presented with a certificate for their achievements this week and then we watched a film of all their exploits.  Centre staff have been filming all week and created a compilation of all the activities.

The first sitting have had their breakfast and are away now to pack, strip beds (so that is another skill they have mastered this week) and do a final tidy of the dorms before starting our final activity session.  Mrs Baillie is getting on to the water for the first time this week (we think she has been watching the weather forecast secretly and waiting for the best weather) and Mrs Wareham is going to try the skiing.  Archery, problem solving, and the tour boat are also on the timetable for this morning.  The tour boat has not run so far this week as the conditions have been too rough, but we are hopeful that the last two groups today will get a chance to do this.   Loch Insh is a beautiful spot and there is still snow on the hills around us.

PC Dobbie has been with us all week and has had a ball!  She has been impressed by the behaviour and attitude of the children, as have the centre staff.  She has been a real asset to the staff team and we are delighted that she was able to come.  Mr Barnes is of course an ‘old hand’ at  Loch Insh and has enjoyed being back with the children.  He is also looking forward to waving goodbye at the end of today!  The children have learned a lot about personal independence, getting themselves and their kit organised, keeping to time schedules, living and working alongside others, teamwork and many other life skills.

We anticipate leaving here around 1pm and being back in NB around 4pm.  We will phone school when we have a pit stop at Kinross and any changes to the timings will be put on the blog later on today.


Greetings from Loch Insh!

We have finally managed to get internet access so this is hot off the press on a very wild and windy Thursday morning.  Intermittent sunshine but very cold still with winds a steady 20 knot, gusting to 30 knots.  Children are all out and about on activities with sailing taking place in larger dayboats rather than small dinghies.  The loch is a bit choppy for the kayaks and canoes but we are seeking out the more sheltered parts where possible.

Everyone slept well last night after a very busy day and evening.  Several children had to be shaken a couple of times to get them moving!  Last night after our meal we had a giant game of football on the local shinty pitch and then a “Drop the egg” challenge.  Everyone worked in small groups to create an invention which would cushion an egg when dropped from a height of 2 metres.  Well done to everyone for their fantastic enterprising inventions. Those whose inventions survived the first round were then dropped from a first floor window as a further test.

The food is plentiful and the teachers have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of it.  No one is going hungry!  Some of your children are learning to make sandwiches on their own so you will be able to hand over the task of packed lunches as from next week.  Be prepared for lots of dirty smelly clothes and shoes on our return.

We have taken lots of photos and videos which we will try to upload.  If we don’t manage to do this from here we will get them on the blog next week.


Thank you for all your comments – it is good to know that you are missing us all!


Fantastic Fun at the Fair!

Well done to all the Primary 7s who held a fantastic Christmas Fair this morning. Thank you for all your beautiful baking – always a winner – and for all the very successful stalls. The younger children in the school enjoyed it so much and I know that all the teachers were very impressed with you too. A lot of the money has still to be counted but so far, you’ve raised well over £700 – very well done!!

Welcome back!

A big welcome to all our new Primary 7s! Everyone has come in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (even the teachers!), ready to work hard and enjoy this first term in P7. A special welcome as well to Mrs Gentil who is the new member of the P7 team, teaching alongside Mrs Barbour, Mrs Gilkison and Mrs Penman. We are joined by 4 new pupils so let’s all look after them to ensure they settle in and make friends quickly!

Please all remember to have your gym kit in school tomorrow as you are likely to have PE with Miss Imrie. You will need your gym kit every Wednesday and Thursday (please ensure everything is labelled).

Keep up the good work, everybody. Now, where is that sunshine?!

Day 3 – Loch Insh

A great day for ducks and all Law Primary kids. By day three there are very few dry clothes in our dorms but we have all had a fantastic time on the water. The loch has been so calm which had meant some epic journeys up the loch, we’ve visited remote islands and Mr Barnes almost made it to the River Spey. This morning some of us enjoyed problem solving, a chance to be on dry land for a couple of hours. During this session the girls trashed the boys at assembling a tent, we all became entangled in knots and we managed to engineer our own tripod to cross a deathly moat. Just a normal morning here at Loch Insh. Robbie has also had a fabulous time joining us with our activities. Just today he has been kayakking and sledging on the dry ski slop, even getting `some air’ off a jump; demanding to go higher and higher up the slope.
In the afternoon a group of us did some sailing, we mastered all of the basics and we had a chance to test our skills by sailing home in The Big Storm; well a wee hailstorm to be more precise. Here are some shots from today; look out for Mr Barnes’s funky cycling kit. I did miss a fantastic photo opportunity last night when Miss Skinner became entangled on the assault course netting until she was left flailing and hanging upside down. Thankfully the children were able to help her down as the teachers were too busy giggling – sorry Miss Skinner. Tonight is the final disco before a morning of further activities and a lunchtime departure. Getting those washing machines warmed up!!
Day 3 – Loch Insh on PhotoPeach

Day 2 – Loch Insh

Last night was an unbelievable night…sshhh.. don’t tell them but the kids went to bed and they went straight to sleep!!! When we woke up this morning we were greeted by a beautifully sunny day and the loch was like a shimmering mirror. It was a great start. Whilst having a huge cooked breakfast everyone managed to catch up with the comments left on the blog so thank you to everyone back home it always makes us smile. Today I joined the biking and kayaking group. Firstly we practised our biking skills and then headed off the campus for a bike trail through the fantastic woodland tracks around the loch. One member of our group who had never cycled before was actually pedalling around the basketball court by the end of the session. What an incredible achievement, we were really proud of him. After a very quick lunch we were straight into our afternoon activity for us it was kayaking. The other groups were skiing, canoeing and biking. Our group had a momentous adventure as we kayaked travelling around the island, the home of the local osprey nest, and around to the other side of the loch. It was a fantastic afternoon. As we travelled back to the beach a very soggy Mrs Barbour could be seen standing on shore. Her canoeing group had had a little mishap that resulted in the three canoeists being tossed overboard. Ooops!! The rest of the group said that it was a spectacular head first entry. At the moment the boys are busy playing basketball and the girls are busy shopping. They are busy buying all of their loved ones lots of Loch Insh fudge; let’s see how much arrives back home. Here are a few shots from today.
Day 2 – Loch Insh on PhotoPeach