Last Day of Camp

The campers have woke up to a beautiful morning in Loch Insh.  There are lots of tired children and dirty clothes.  The pupils enjoyed a great disco last night, there was a presentation of certificates and a film of their camp experiences to enjoy.

Washing machines and bubble baths at the ready!

Greetings from Loch Insh!

We have finally managed to get internet access so this is hot off the press on a very wild and windy Thursday morning.  Intermittent sunshine but very cold still with winds a steady 20 knot, gusting to 30 knots.  Children are all out and about on activities with sailing taking place in larger dayboats rather than small dinghies.  The loch is a bit choppy for the kayaks and canoes but we are seeking out the more sheltered parts where possible.

Everyone slept well last night after a very busy day and evening.  Several children had to be shaken a couple of times to get them moving!  Last night after our meal we had a giant game of football on the local shinty pitch and then a “Drop the egg” challenge.  Everyone worked in small groups to create an invention which would cushion an egg when dropped from a height of 2 metres.  Well done to everyone for their fantastic enterprising inventions. Those whose inventions survived the first round were then dropped from a first floor window as a further test.

The food is plentiful and the teachers have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of it.  No one is going hungry!  Some of your children are learning to make sandwiches on their own so you will be able to hand over the task of packed lunches as from next week.  Be prepared for lots of dirty smelly clothes and shoes on our return.

We have taken lots of photos and videos which we will try to upload.  If we don’t manage to do this from here we will get them on the blog next week.


Thank you for all your comments – it is good to know that you are missing us all!


Camp Update: Thursday

The wi-fi is still not working but the staff are pursuing another avenue so they can share camp news and photos.  The weather is still very mixed.  As camp progresses, the children are becoming more tired and it was hard to get them out of bed this morning!  (Burning the candle at both ends?)

Camp: Tuesday: Wet and Wild

Unfortunately there have been wi-fi problems at Loch Insh.  We have heard some news so will update the blog from school with the information we have.  On Tuesday due to the high winds some of the water sports activities had to be curtailed.  Most people slept well.  Today, Wednesday, it has been less windy so pupils have been able to take part in the planned activities.

January News

The Primary 7s are well on their way to mastering cursive writing – well done for all your efforts!

These past couple of weeks we have been finding lots of interesting information about the Scottish Parliament. On Tuesday 22nd January we will enjoy a dynamic lesson with a Scottish Parliament Outreach visitor. 7C are in the process of writing to our MSP Iain Gray in the hope that he might come in for a visit and answer some of our questions about the work of an MSP. Watch this space!

Posted in P7

Fantastic Fun at the Fair!

Well done to all the Primary 7s who held a fantastic Christmas Fair this morning. Thank you for all your beautiful baking – always a winner – and for all the very successful stalls. The younger children in the school enjoyed it so much and I know that all the teachers were very impressed with you too. A lot of the money has still to be counted but so far, you’ve raised well over £700 – very well done!!

Health Week in P7

As the nation gets ready to be gripped by excitement of the Paralympics, the P7s have had a fantastic time this week enjoying so many different sports and activities. Thank you to Mrs Baillie for organising everything and everybody! And a big thank you as well to all the parent helpers without whom it wouldn’t have been possible to get out and about.
P7, what have you most enjoyed about your week?


WWII Prior Knowledge and Key Questions

P7a have begun to think about their new Social Studies topic, the Second World War. As always when collaboratively planning a topic, it is important to establish what knowledge and understanding the pupils already possess and also in what direction they would like to take their learning. This helps inform the topic structure and allows the pupils more ownership and thus take more from their topic.

P7a, please post a comment sharing one piece of prior knowledge and one question that you would like to find the answer to during our topic. Please remember to include your name.

Health Week

The week beginning 20th August is Health Week (many thanks to Mrs Baillie for organising everything!). Please come to school in your joggers. Polo shirts and school sweatshirts are still to be worn, as usual. We’ll be out of school on Monday for bowling (wear trainers please) and on Thursday for golf (sunshine on order!). Let’s all make an effort to have healthy snacks next week!