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Barbara Mitchelhill was born in Rochdale and trained as a teacher. While she was teaching, she began writing for BBC children’s TV and went on to write for educational publishers, before writing novels for children. She makes school visits all over the country, and enjoys appearing at literary festivals and talking to teachers and librarians, some as far away as the Caribbean. Her hobbies include reading, theatre, music, gardening and walking her border terrier, Ella. She lives in Staffordshire and has two grown-up daughters and four grandchildren.

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8 Responses to Barbara Mitchelhill

  1. Chloe and Erin P7 Wallyford PS says:

    We have been reading Road to London by Barbara Mitchelhill. It is about a boy called Thomas wishing to be an actor when he is older. He meets his idol William Shakespeare. He thinks his dreams have come true when he gets an invitation to go to London and be an actor with William Shakespeare and his troop of actors. Our favourite part of the book was when he was on his way to London and he was approached by an elderly man. He wanted Thomas to be the accomplice to help commit a crime. The old man wanted Thomas to lie in the middle of the road pretending he’d had an accident. Then when a traveller came along on a fine horse they would see Thomas and jump off the horse to help him and that is when the elderly man will step in. We think the elderly man is just being selfish and mean! We would say the genre is adventure. Barbara is a brilliant author and writes amazing books. We would give the book 5 stars!! It is 100% a good read!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Louise and Nicole P7 Wallyford PS says:

    We have be reading Run Rabbit Run by Barbara Mitchelhill, she writes all her books in different time periods. Run Rabbit Run is set in 1942 during World War 2, it’s about an eleven year old girl called Lizzie, her dad William and her brother Freddie, Lizzie gets bullied at school because her dad refuses to go to war. Then he is told that if he doesn’t go to war he will have to go to prison so Lizzie and her family must move away to a small village hidden in the forest called Whiteway. Will Lizzie’s dad be found and sent to jail ? Read the book and find out for yourself!
    We loved this book, with it’s use of interesting plots and descriptive language it’s an exciting and gripping read that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

    We would rate this book a 10/10!!
    And would give it 5 STARS

  3. Mya P7 Wallyford PS says:

    I read a book called Run Rabbit Run by Barbara Mitchelhill. Run rabbit run is about a girl called Lizzie, her dad (William) and her 6 year old brother Freddie. Her dad is asked to go to war to fight but refuses, he then gets told that if doesn’t he will go to prison. William has no choice: he must go on the run. Therefore they move to a nice quiet place called Whiteway but there past then catches up with them and they are then forced to leave Whiteway. My favourite part is the dilemma when the dad gets told if he doesn’t go to war he will go to prison. Run rabbit run is a page turning book and I would definitely recommend it. Mitchelhill is a brilliant author and I think everyone should read her books.

  4. Matthew P7 Wallyford PS says:

    This is a book review about Barbara Mitchelhill’s book called Run Rabbit Run. It is about an 11 year old girl called Lizzie. Lizzie’s a strong and confident girl but when she finds out her dad could go to prison, there whole family need to run. The book is set in 1942 during World War 2. My favourite part is when she gets to Whiteway because they are finally safe from the war. This book is a real page turner and is full of wonders and cliffhangers. My favourite character is Lizzie because she’s a confident girl who never backs down from a fight. I would give this book 10/10 because of all the mystery and excitement.

  5. Dcalan P7 Wallford says:

    Well do you think some books are dull? You won’t think this book is dull you will like every page of Road to London.
    You should read Road to London by Barbara Mitchelhill. You should read because it is set in the fifteen hundred’s.
    Join Thomas as one day he meets Shakespeare and he wants to see his play, but it’s during Thomas’s afternoon lessons. Will Thomas get in trouble?
    What I liked best is the bit when Thomas is on the road that takes him to London and he meets a stranger… I’m not going to say anymore or I’ll spoil what happens next.
    Read it and find what happens next!

  6. James, P7 Sanderson's Wynd says:

    We have been reading Dangerous Diamonds by Barbara Mitchelhill. The stars of the book are Harry and Charlotte, who live in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh with their mum and dad. Their dad disappears and when they discover that he’s been kidnapped by a diamond smuggling group, they set off to rescue him.

    My favourite part of the book is when Harry was hiding from Edina under the bed and his phone started ringing. When I read it, I was half off my seat with suspense wondering, “Is he going to be found?”

    This book deserves an award because it’s an exciting page-turner with lots of cliffhangers, making you not want to stop reading. It’s full of suspense and by far the best book I have read all year! This is truly a must read for any adventure/ thriller book seekers.

  7. S @ SWPS says:

    We have been reading Dangerous Diamonds , by Barbara Mitchelhill, in class. The stars of the book are Harry, a young boy with a sense of adventure and his twin sister, Charlotte. The setting of the book is in the present day in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Some of it also takes place in a monastery with monks.

    My favourite part of this book is when Harry and Charlotte find out that their dad has gone missing. They go back to their house where Harry finds a reliquary. He passes it to Charlotte, who drops it and diamonds spill all over the floor. They are astonished! This bit made me jump because you would never expect it to happen.

    This book deserves a first place trophy because Barbara Mitchelhill is an amazing author! Dangerous Diamonds, in my opinion, gives me suspense and makes me want to read more. It is an exceptional book for P6 and over to read because it is full of action. You will meet characters you wouldn’t dream of and things you would never expect in a suspense story. This book is stunning! Well done Barbara Mitchelhill!

  8. S @ sandersons wynd says:

    I think the Lennox author award will be great fun and I will meet new people there!!!!

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