Cathy Cassidy

Cathy CassidyCathy Cassidy wrote and illustrated her first book at 8 years old for her little brother and has been writing and drawing ever since. Cathy has worked as an editor on Jackie magazine, a teacher and as agony aunt on Shout Magazine. She now lives in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland with her husband, two teenagers, two cats called Pickle & Pepper, two dogs called Kelpie & Finn and a one-eyed rabbit, Snowy!


Cathy Cassidy’s books

Dizzy_book_thumb IndigoBlue_book_thumb     Driftwood_book_thumbScarlett_book_thumbSundaeGirl_book_thumb










Chocolate Box Girls








Daisy Star

Shine_on_Daizy_Star_book Pink_Guitar_bookStrike_a_Pose_Daizy_Star_bookdaizy_star_ooh_la_la_book






4 Responses to Cathy Cassidy

  1. rachel taylor says:

    I think Cathy Cassidy has a really good style of writing because it is really engaging and really easy to read. My favourite book is Cherry Crush, about a girl going to live with her new stepmum and stepsisters at Tanglewood House and they start a chocolate business. But her new stepsister Honey does not her there and when Cherry falls for Honey’s boyfriend things threaten to fall apart. I would recomend it to girls aged 8-12. I really like Cathy Cassidy’s books and I really like her style of writing.

  2. Jay Laidlaw says:

    I like this book because it is fun sad and romantic and i love these types of books and I am currently reading Indigo Blue at school and I am loving it so far. I think Cathy Cassidy is an amazing writer and i also love marshmallow skye and it is amazing and i have read it like 5 times its that good. Over all Cathy Cassidy is my favourite author barr none.

  3. Morven smith says:

    Cherry crush is about a girl called cherry and she moves house with her dad. she moves to tanglewood house were she lives with Charlotte(mum) Coco, Skye, Summer and Honey (step sisters).other books I like by this author are marshmallow skye , coco caramel and summer dream. I like Cathy’ style of writing because she writes it from the main characters’ point of the story.

  4. isla sneddon says:

    I love all her books especially dizzy , scarlett , luky star , marshmallow sky and all the daisy star books i thhink you should read them all ENJOY READING !!!!!!

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