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Before she could walk, Gill Lewis was discovered force-feeding bread to a sick hedgehog under the rose bushes. Now her stories reflect her passion for wild animals in wild places. She draws inspiration from many of the people she has had the fortune to meet during her work as a vet, both at home and abroad.

Gill Lewis has a masters degree in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University and won the 2009 course prize for most promising writer. Her first novel was snapped up for publication within hours of being offered to publishers.

She lives in Somerset with her young family and a motley crew of pets. She writes from a shed in the garden, in the company of spiders.

Books by Gill Lewis

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Book for younger readers

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17 Responses to Gill Lewis

  1. Maria says:

    loretto r.c primary school, 5/6 are doing the lennox awards and i have picked you as an the author i have read the puppy academy books i like the books because they give me inspuration for my own writing it also has fantastic illustrations that have good detail it also has a meaning to it. that meaning is it does not matter what your like and what you do wrong we all make mistakes .

  2. charlie says:

    i have read 3 of your books white dolphin, scarlet ibis, star. they are amazing books i have wrote good reports on them i have only read your books on lennox right now im trying to wright other ones but they are so hard to stop reading but in a realy good way they are so much adventure in your books. thats what i love about your books but scarlet ibis is sad to
    from Charlie.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi my name is Hannah and I am a great fan of your books!!! I especially like Sky Hawk where everyone works together to get the girl surgery. I found it very moving. I am doing the Lennox award and I think you have a very good chance of winning!!!!
    Please write more books about nature! I love them!! Hannah

  4. Felix says:

    I am reading our book gorilla dawn and it is great! I’ve only read a little of it but t is so good I think you could win

    from loretto rc primary school

  5. georgia says:

    hi Gill Lewis My class have been reading some Lennox award books they are delighted with all the books some of my class mates have been reading some of your books and so have I the books that I have been reading are some of your puppy academy scout an the sausage thief And star on a stormy mountain and I have been writing some reviews on your books and some on Nicola Davies I would love some more of your books THX

  6. Ethan says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Callum’s farm in the Scottish Highlands is good for playing in, but Callum thinks he knows everything on the farm until he meets Iona. She shows him a secret that changes his life forever.

    Gill Lewis’s Sky Hawk is the best book I have ever read! I would recommend it to anybody who loves birds.

  7. Isaah says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Twelve year old Callum McGregor has lived on his farm his whole life. He has seen everything on the farm, or so he thinks. When he meets Iona, his whole world turns upside down. He has to keep a secret, but can he manage it?

    Sky Hawk is a gripping book with lots of twists and turns by amazing author Gill Lewis. It’s definitely one you don’t want to miss!

  8. Hannah says:

    White Dolphin by Gill Lewis
    I have been reading the book White Dolphin and it s a really touching story. It shows by the power of friendship you can make something happen.

    I would recommend this book for ages 8 and up for it can get quite hard at times but for me I appsolutely love it so I would definitely recommend it!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    This is a story about a boy called Callum, who had friends called Iona, Rob and Euan. With Iona Callum finds a rare bird, an osprey living on his farm. One day the osprey gets caught in fishing wire and a ranger called Hamish helps them to rescue her. They put a tracking device on her and call her Iris. But Iris has to fly all the way to Africa…can she make it?
    I would give Gill Lewis’ gripping novel five stars! I recommend it to P4 and up!

  10. Finlay says:

    In the Scottish Highlands lives Callum MacGregor who is playing with his friends, Rob and Euan, when he meets a wonderful girl, Iona. At first Callum has no idea who this kind girl is, but just like that they soon become friends together like two peas in a pod. Iona shares a secret that exists on Callum’s farm. Will Callum and Iona be able to keep this secret?
    This is an absolutely magnificent tale, by far one of the best books I have ever read! Lewis’ writing is off the charts!!

  11. Charlie says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Callum has a secret on his farm that even he doesn’t know, but his companion Iona knows exactly what it is. Can they keep it a secret and can they keep it safe? Read this gripping novel by Gill Lewis to find out!

  12. Bobby says:

    In the Scottish Highlands lives 12 year old Callum McGregor, a normal boy until Iona MacNair finds a hidden secret on his farm that could change their lives forever. When Iona finds herself ill, it’s up to Callum to keep the secret hidden, but how?

    This is a really gripping novel that you will not be able to put down. I recommend it to every single person in the universe! I love this book!

  13. Adam says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Imagine that a girl comes to you and tells you a secret. That secret is a rare bird. Well Callum and Iona go on an adventure to see the secret bird, but Callum’s other friends, Rob and Euan, hate Iona, so Callum and Iona together have to keep their secret. This book is gripping with tons of suspense. I rate it 10 stars!

  14. Holly says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    This is a nice caring book. Iona finds a secret that needs to be kept. She and Callum become friends over it, but can they keep the secret? The friends plan to spend the night in their tree house, but will they ever manage to do it? Read the book to find out!

  15. Libby says:

    Scottish Callum and Iona become best friends after they meet on Callum’s farm. They find an extraordinary discovery, but will Callum and Iona be able to keep their secret?

    This book is really gripping and very suspenseful. I would rate it five stars out of five and I would recommend any Gill Lewis book!

  16. Leanna says:

    Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis

    Callum thinks he knows every inch of his farm, but Iona shows him a secret that hasn’t been seen for a hundred years. Will they be able to keep the secret or will everyone find out? This is an amazing, gripping book and a great adventure. Definitely worth reading!

  17. Chynna fletcher says:

    Scarlet ibis by Gill Lewis.

    I must do whatever it takes to get my brother back. So inspiring

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