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Johnny O’Brien was born in Edinburgh and studied history at Cambridge University. He got the idea for the Jack Christie Adventures when he came across his grandfather’s medals from World War I. He lives in Surrey, England, with his family.

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Johnny O’Brien is the author of the Jack Christie Adventures. Please click on the cover of the book to check if the book is available from East Lothian Libraries.







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  1. Joseph says:

    Day of Vengeance
    Johnny O’Brien’s, Day of Vengeance, is an interesting and hugely exciting book. Its fast, active pace not only keeps a reader engaged but also gives Mr O’Brien a feeling of understanding of what children really want.
    When Jack Christie, a time travelling 17 year old, is attacked by the evil revisionists he needs to run but VIGIL, a force to stop the interfering revisionists, has been betrayed from within. With his sporty friend Angus he jumps into the time travelling Tauras and ends up in 1940s London.
    Soon he comes across Dr Pendelshape , the revisionist leader who is trying the almost impossible, to stop world war 2. When Dr Pendelshape is kidnapped they follow him and soon end up in Paris. They come across a group with an optimistic mission, to assassinate Hitler.
    This book can appeal to many ages, it’s darkness is shown in the form of what could happen when people interfere with time travel. This book not only has a fast interesting plot but also has an exploration of people’s fears in the future.
    One of the theme of this book is friendship, because Jack and Angus manage to sustain a strong bond of trust and friendship through the horrors of world war 2.
    Another theme is trying to regain a childhood because Jack didn’t grow up with his dad and know he is trying to find his dad but also make sure he isn’t caught by VIGIL because his dad was a revisionists but then he fell out with Dr Pendelshape.
    The tone is war and how it effects everyone even in the smallest of ways. People in war can be turned to monsters by the horrors of watching friends die. Axel Gottschlack, a German officer only turns into a ruthless killer because his father was killed by a British escapee from a world war 1 prisoner of war.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in world war 2. It could be read from an age of 8 to 15 it is a very good book I will defiantly be reading the rest of the series. Johnny O’Brien is one of the best authors I have read.

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