Lari Don

Lari Donwas born in Chile but brought up in the North East of Scotland. She spent her childhood climbing trees, roofs and hills, and now sets most of her books in dangerous and magical parts of the Scottish countryside – caves and cliffs and old hillforts – so all that climbing comes in very useful.  

Lari loves writing adventures, and rarely plans her stories, because she loves finding out what happens next only moments before her characters find out! First Aid For Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts was Lari’s first book. It won the Royal Mail Award for Scottish Children’s books, voted for by readers, and it led to three other books in a successful series. She is now playing with different ideas for a new novel, and like most of her fiction, her new ideas are inspired by legends and myths.  

Lari lives inEdinburghwith her two children and her two cats – one of the cats is called Tam Linn, after her favourite Scottish fairy tale.  

Lari Don’s books include:

First Aid for Fairies Series

 Wolf Notes  


rocking horse war  The Mountains Blood  Tam O Shanter

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  1. megan jackson says:

    well, i think lari don’s books are great
    i read one called first aid for fairies and i loved it i read it for the auther awards
    tomorrow me and 9 other people are going to the auther awards. we have to ask each of the authers a question so i will see lara don tomorrow
    happy reading x

    megan jackson
    prestonpans primary school

    see you tomorrow

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