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Theresa Breslin is an award-winning author of over 30 books for children and young adults. Her stories, which range from historical tales to science fiction, are popular across the world and translated into many languages. Her work has also been filmed for television and has been dramatised for radio.
Theresa was born in Scotland, close to the Roman Wall, ancient burial grounds and castles, all of which helped fuel her very active imagination when growing up. She has been described as an outstanding writer who combines a powerful sense of drama with memorable characters and superb storytelling. Her books appear regularly on book award shortlists, are read extensively in schools, and are in published in more than twenty different languages. She won the Carnegie Medal, the UK most prestigious award in children’s literature, for Whispers in the Graveyard, her compelling story of a dyslexic boy. Before taking up writing full time Theresa worked as a librarian.
Her 2005 title Divided City which explores the themes of prejudice and conflict resolution won the Catalyst Book Award and the RED Book Award in addition to being shortlisted for eight other awards and chosen for the Irish ‘One Book’ Community Reading Project.
Theresa is passionate about literacy in both adults and children and she is a regular and respected contributor to professional journals on the subject. She is an official Reading Champion of the Scottish Government and has served on the UK government advisory committee for Public Lending Right and on the Board of the Scottish Booktrust.

Theresa’s Books
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13 Responses to Theresa Breslin

  1. Iain says:

    Theresa Breslin

    When Marinetta, a Britain, runs into the arrogant Lucius, the son of a roman official, she thinks and hopes she will never see him. But when, they are both kidnapped by Picts from across Hadrian’s Wall and are sold as slaves in Africa they are forced to work together, to warn the Roman commander, Stilcho, of a dastardly plot to take over the Roman Empire, but sinister forces are on their trail…
    Some themes of this book are: never take things for granted or don’t underestimate people or, perhaps, even the mightiest can be overthrown. Some more themes are: Fortune favours the bold and even the most unlikeliest of heroes and heroines can prevail.

    The tone of this book is optimistic because the characters are always sure that they can push through, whether they be good or evil, even in the most dire situations. Another tone is homesickness, because Marinetta is 100s of miles away from her father and faithful servant and she really hates it, but she is optimistic about it.

    I enjoyed this book because of the fast pace and the fact that the author has went back in time when writing it. I would give this book a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to young adventures readers aged 7-10. A very good read.

  2. Andrew says:

    The Dream Master – by Andrew

    The book I’m reviewing is The Dream Master. It is written by Theresa Breslin about a boy called Cy, short for Cyrus who can choose his dreams because of The Dream Master but, one dream Cy accidently brings back a boy called Aten who thinks Cy is a god. Cy has to somehow get Aten back into the dream. The Dream Master isn’t used to dreams like this. It is set partly in the modern day and partly in Cy’s dreams. I would say people with imaginations would like this book very much. I liked it because the plot is exciting because it has a fast pace at some bits and Theresa Breslin has written it down well. The theme I would say is greed because Cy insists to go back to his old dream but argued about waking up. The tone is tense because there are some tense bits like when Cy was coming out of a dream but he tried to stay and then Aten went through to cy’s bedroom. The main character, as you have guessed is Cy and The Dream Master.

  3. Seonaid says:

    The Dream Master
    The Dream Master is set in Britain and Egypt, the main characters are Cy (Cyrus) and Aten. Aten is from Egypt and Cy’s dream, Cy meets The Dream Master in his room by catching his dream and breaking the rules of it!
    The theme of The Dream Master is: don’t say you can do something if you can’t, because Cy said he could handle Aten but it got out of hand.
    I liked The Dream Master because the pace was quick and it had a lot of adventure.
    I would recommend this book to people who like action packed and adventurous books.

  4. Ronan Primary 5B Law Primary says:

    I read Alien Force and it was about a boy who was an alien who was trapped on earth and he was given a crystal by his parents, which helped him to go home.
    My favourite character was Jodie, the alien because he came from another planet and he acts different to other boys because he has special powers and can hypnotise people. I would love to be able to do this. I would hypnotise someone who had stolen something so they would have to give it back.
    This book is Science Fiction. I enjoyed this book because it was different from books I normally read and because it was funny.
    I would recommend this book to any 9 year olds and I would give it 6 out of 10 because I would have liked to have read a bit more action and learned more about the planet where he lived.

  5. Cera 5A Law Primary School says:

    Divided City by Theresa Breslin
    This book is about two boys (Graham and Joe) who meet in unusual circumstances and develop a deep friendship but have a lot of arguments because they are from different religions. Then Graham witnesses a knifing in an alley and their friendship skills are really put to the test…
    My favourite character was Graham because he always was very kind and helpful and made peace after an argument. He was always very brave.
    This story`s genre has to be religion cross action/adventure.
    I enjoyed the book because it`s funny but also very moving and informative.
    This book was a bit hard so I recommend it to 10 year olds and over.
    I would give this book a nine out of ten because it was a bit hard to understand and quite gory.

  6. Scott.P P5B Law PS says:

    I Read the Book Starship Rescue by Theresa Breslin
    This book is about Marc and Sasha battling their way through the fortress, to send a SOS to Earth, to free the Outsiders from being slaves to the people in the fortress. The main event in this story is for Marc and Sasha to free the Outsiders from being slaves all their lives. This problem is resolved when Marc and Sasha send the SOS to Earth.
    My favourite character was Marc because he was a young boy and he was willing to put himself in danger to save the Outsiders.
    This book is a SCI –FI genre and I enjoyed this book because it was full of action. When I read this book I knew I would never want to be a slave, ever. I learnt that bravery is a big deal.
    I highly recommend this book because of the excitement, the action, and the fact that it was a very simple book to read.
    I think Theresa Breslin is a good writer because her books are very exciting and you just want to keep reading.
    I give this book a ten out of ten.
    By Scott Patey

  7. Jasmin Bouverie says:

    Marc and Sasha need get this message to the Starship. Con, this outsider, outsiders are the people that live outside the main fortress, is really the bad guys bodyguard, he betrays Marc and Sasha. Con says to Marc that he is an outsider and he really is the Jared Keeper, the Jared Keeper is the Bad, bad guys body guard.
    The genre is rescue and fantasy. My favourite character is Sasha. The theme is rescuing. I would recommend this book because although that it’s short, it’s very exciting. Mark ten out of ten- eight.
    By Jasmin Bouverie.

  8. Lewis P5B says:

    Two pupils from different primary schools meet in high school called Jamie and Mary. They cause total mayhem despite their over-protective parents telling them to behave; they come across a ferocious bull, an angry farmer and a total mishap in right of way. The main event was very funny and quite tense, makes you hold your breath really! My favourite character is Jamie because he is very funny. Genre is factual fiction. Theme is funny and possible. What I liked about it was when the bull charge d at them and Jamie gave it an electric shock. I highly recommend this book because it was very, very, very funny and it was action packed. Theresa Breslin is a good writer because she is successful and funny. I give Theresa Breslin a 10 out of 10.

  9. Alfie 5B Law Primary School says:

    The book I have chosen is Starship Rescue by Theresa Breslin which includes the characters Marc, Sasha and Con. They are living in a fortress on a planet close to earth and send an SOS to be rescued by a starship. They have lots of adventures on their journey to the radio station. My favourite character is Marc because he was the hero and is very smart. It was a very exciting future themed story and I enjoyed it because it made me feel happy. In the end I learned that you can’t trust everyone. I would recommend it because it is really amazing and it will definitely be your favourite book ever. I would give it 10 out of 10. It is easy to read and very enjoyable.

  10. Cherry P5B Law PS says:

    My book is called Whispers in the Graveyard by Theresa Breslin.
    It is about a boy called Solomon who has a reading and writing problem, his dad gets drunk and his mum left. He hangs out in a graveyard for company but things start getting strange after the Rowan tree was cut down. For example green slime, strange voices and maggots. Ms Talmor the p1 teacher starts to help Solomon but there is a new girl called Amy in her class and she is all the graveyard wants!
    My favourite character was Amy because without her the story would not be the same.
    It is an action packed fantasy genre.
    It tells you to never give up and to believe in yourself.
    I liked it because it was exciting and fun.
    I would recommend that it is more exciting as it gets along and it is hard to put down.
    I would give it 8 out of 10.

  11. Saskia Loudon says:

    Starship rescue book review
    I read Starship rescue which is a brilliant book to get people jumping.
    The book was about a mission to get Mark`s home planet back to the way it but there was a twist, can he save his planet his friend and himself in time.
    Theresa did a brill job writing it, there was not to many characters which kept it simple and effective, it had the right amount of illustrations the bit I thought was amazing was when marc found out Con and Jared the keeper were the same person.
    Sasha is my favourite character. I wondered whether Marc would get over the wall. I rate this 9/10. It is a good book as the mission is emotional I’ve learnt the most unexpected is only round the corner.

  12. Erin B and Alfie - P5 Wallyford says:

    The book we are going to review is a book called the Dream Master by Theresa Breslin. It’s about a boy called Cyris but he gets called Cy. The story is all about him and his dreams in Ancient Egypt. Aten is in Cy’s dream but at one point in the story Aten travels through time demensions into Cy’s time – the present day. This gives Cy a real problem because no one knows who Aten is and Cy can’t tell anyone where he’s come from.
    The genre of the book is adventure but it’s also a VERY VERY hilarious book and a bit sad at points. Aten is probably why the book is so funny. We thought the theme of the book was friendship and you can be friends with someone you didn’t think you would want to be friends with.
    We would give it 10 stars (even more if we could). We think that EVERY school SHOULD have a copy because we think it’s that good.
    By Erin B and Alfie

  13. Nicole and David - P5 Wallyford says:

    The Dream Master is one of the best books I have ever read that is why we are writing a review about it. It is a brilliant book by Theresa Breslin, it is about a boy called Cy who doesn’t want to leave his dream and meets a dwarf in a black cloak, named the Dream Master. He ends up bringing back someone from his dream and it turns into an exhilarating adventure.

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