A thank you from the pupils of Letham Mains Primary

If you have been keeping up to date, you’ll know that Miss Ross’ cats (Jake and Elwood) have been on a very important mission that has taken them all over the planet. They have visited our friends in many different countries to find out what life in lockdown is like for them. We have had videos from as far a field as China, America, New Zealand and France to name but a few. Then we decided it was our turn to say thank you and tell the world about our experiences. We proudly present our movie makers; Archie, Mithra, Nicky, Hayley and Isaac….


The Importance of Nurture

We know that good teaching and learning begin with positive relationships. Relationships fulfil our most fundamental needs as humans – social connectedness. A nurturing approach recognises that positive relationships are central to both learning and wellbeing.

Nurturing approaches are underpinned by an understanding of attachment theory, which recognises the importance of early relational experiences in shaping children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

Nurture recognises that everyone who works with children and young people has a role to play in establishing the positive relationships that are required to promote healthy social and emotional development. When children and young people experience consistent safety, security and comfort from key adults, they develop the skills and desire to explore their environment and engage in learning opportunities. These relationships should be reliable, predictable and consistent wherever possible.

Given that most of our children and young people have been at home with the safest adults they know, they will be returning to school a little bit wary on many levels. Rebuilding familiar routines and rituals within the school and classroom will be essential. The very best way to support children and young people during this time will be through nurturing relationships with key adults. The six nurture principles are a helpful way to consider the needs of all children during this period of intense uncertainty and change. Prioritising these principles and the guidance and activities underlying each will ensure children and young people will begin to recover and reconnect, not only with the staff in school but with each other.

A priority for us returning in August will be to reconnect with our pupils and build those nurturing relationships. This will be a central theme for our School Improvement Plan. https://www.nurtureuk.org/

East Lothian’s current guidance can be found here https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/news/article/13263/focus_on_nurture_to_help_return_to_learning and here https://sites.google.com/edubuzz.org/nurturerecoverreconnectionelcc/nurture-recovery-and-reconnection

Advice on working safely online

The information below came in from Police Scotland and offers some useful resources in regard to keeping our pupils safe online.

“I’m aware that you’ve regularly been in touch with pupils and parents online & via newsletters etc, and you may have been sharing suggestions and advice about how to study at home & how to stay safe online. If not, or further to this, I was wondering if you would be able to share a few links with pupils and parents reminding them that there is advice available in relation to online safety.

We are concious that online learning will continue into the future and that young people will be spending more time on social media apps/chat rooms, hence, looking to keep re-iterating messages about keeping safe on-line.

The main source of advice is the UK Safer Internet Centre. Parents can also sign up for National Online Safety.

A tried and tested resource for pupils and parents with decent info  is https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk

Parental Survey Link

Dear All

Please can you arrange to send out immediately via your text message/social media links to parents the following message and link to our parent survey as soon as possible, and post the message below and link on the school website.  Paper copies should be made available on request from your school (printable version attached).  Please encourage as many parents as possible to participate in this short survey.  The short turnaround is to allow schools to review their parental responses before they break for the summer break.

Our Headteachers and school staff are currently progressing their plans to welcome children and young people back into school in August. To help us get this as right as we can for children and young people we would appreciate your views. We would be most grateful of you could complete this short survey regarding your child’s return to school in August by Monday 15 June 2020 4pm. Paper copies are available from your school by request.


Kind regards,


Lesley R. Brown  | Chief Operating Officer (Education) – Education & Children’s Services|