Parental Survey Link

Dear All

Please can you arrange to send out immediately via your text message/social media links to parents the following message and link to our parent survey as soon as possible, and post the message below and link on the school website.  Paper copies should be made available on request from your school (printable version attached).  Please encourage as many parents as possible to participate in this short survey.  The short turnaround is to allow schools to review their parental responses before they break for the summer break.

Our Headteachers and school staff are currently progressing their plans to welcome children and young people back into school in August. To help us get this as right as we can for children and young people we would appreciate your views. We would be most grateful of you could complete this short survey regarding your child’s return to school in August by Monday 15 June 2020 4pm. Paper copies are available from your school by request.

Kind regards,


Lesley R. Brown  | Chief Operating Officer (Education) – Education & Children’s Services|